Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Frostbitten 2.0

'Dude! King Krush!'
"Holy shit, invite!"
'inc! :)'

Pretty much sums up the convo me and Eetio had IRL when I finally found King Krush for my second and his first Frostbitten achievement!

Again, King Krush is the final victor of this awesome achievement, though this time, at the paw of a bear and the bluntness of a Warrior's mace! :D

Ah yeh, you can probably see that my UI is a little different than usual, I finally downloaded Bartender and it's still a work in progress so bere with that :) also, I blocked out RealID names in chat for Privacy reasons :)


Saturday, 10 July 2010

Luxray the Kingslayer

Finally, after 63 wipes in total, we've managed to best the Lich King! Shortly after, we also took down Halion in the Ruby Sanctum! Good news all 'round :D

Short and sweet post, but words cannot truly express how happy I am about this :D

-Zuk ;)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Some cool stuffs :)

With the massive update on the whole Cataclysm Beta being available to some lucky guys now, we've got loads of pictures of new models etc which can be shown over on MMO-Champion. I'm going to link a few of the ones for me that stood out so you guys can have a quick peek below :)

Also, on a completely side note, I've been playing a lot of a game which is still in development and is seeming to get bigger with every day, having been reviewed in PC Gamer recently aswell named Minecraft. Links to that will be under a screenshot I took last night of a pretty epic cave if your familiar with the game :D

Also, I've finished up on Zeolux's sig, looks better than the others I've done to be honest :O Here ya go dude! Soulion's next! :)

Until next time!


Saturday, 3 July 2010

Aotona, Bird of Prey

After much thought, I just had to go back after Aotona once again. After abandoning her some time back for Arcturis to complete my 'BM only Stable' I have kinda regretted it, and since have released a few Spirit Beasts in order to tame a PvE pet (Wolf) and a PvP pet as of recent (Spider). However, the spider (Terror Spinner) didn't really have a lasting impression as Aotona used to have on me, so with a few sightings from friends, telling me they had seen her recently, I just had to go out and tame this giant bird once again! Lo and behold, she's mine again, and this time, it's permanent! :)

Waiting now on the 20+ stables we're promised for Cataclysm in order to get back on the hunt for the rarest of beasts and whatnot :)

Working on a Sig for ya Zeo by the way! :) Hopefully will be pew pew ;)


Thursday, 17 June 2010


Ok, so I intended to be updating you guys more than I could wish recently, but unfortunately, I ventured out into a field for a full 6 days of heavy metal, drinking and in general, fun. I'll try and get back on track with everything and keep you guys up to scratch, but one can only wish ;)

In the meantime, a heavily over-edited version of an Eetio sig I did before I went Download Festival. This was more of an attempt at a bigger version than the traditional Forum sig size you tend to get nowadays :) Turned out alright, but very very abstract :)


Monday, 7 June 2010

Sig time :)

Recently have been creating sigs for forums and whatnot, and I'm not too sure why... hmmm xP
I'm gonna post each one I make here so you guys can check them out :D

They arn't amazing, but I've really just started so give me a bit more time and hopefully we'll have more variation and shinyness :)

As you can see, I tested some locations for fonts, titles, and general sort of wordage to get a bit more of a feel for what they could be used for in the future :D

Sunday, 6 June 2010

New Stuffs

Been really busy recently with Download Festival approaching and work, so as a whole, have been fairly inactive both in game and online. I have however become heavily addicted to Red Dead Redemption, and zomfg...

Anywhoo, will do a proper update some time within the next 48 hours hopefully and unfortunately, I'm having to disable all comments receieved from you guys as I keep getting messages from Japanese people with very dodgy links, most of which are containing keyloggers... So watch out :O

As for a filler, 2 quick pictures that I've been meaning to post recently for you guys to check out in the meanwhile :)


Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I'm still here, just fairly busy with a few things IRL and in game at the moment! I'll split it into a few sections:

I've been trying my hardest recently in order to gan Loremaster title on Zukiji before Cataclysm hits. Now it's not like Blizzard are going to do a ninja on us and release it within the next week or so, therefore giving me time to find the last 50 I need in Kalimdor for the title... Has been a bit of a struggle to get up to this point, but thankfully a few guildies have given me the heads up of 3 addons which work impressively well together, and are helping me get those last few! These are as follows:

EveryQuest: Enables a quick fire way to search for Quests which haven't been completed in specific areas.
LightHeaded: Direct link in the form of an addon to Comments about each Quest from Wowhead.
TomTom: Co-ordinates with an arrow directing you where to go to either finish a Quest or find a new one with LightHeaded.

These are an awesome amount of help and thankfully, I can see Loremaster being accomplished within the week possibly! :)

We're at the Lich King now and the previous 2 weeks (More so the first week) have been solid attempts at trying to get this dude down for once and for all. He's pretty tough, though we have the tactics nailed down to a pinpoint now, it's just simple really silly mistakes which are unfortunately making us fail. We'll get there in the end though!

Fun stuffs:
Typical me going out and doing fun stuffs as a was to get away from all the drama in Raiding and whatnot, I go out and farm fun stuffs, mainly mounts etc. Recently, I've seen 2 fairly rare occasions to say the least, and 1 which I tend to get quite often ;) The first rare occasion is Loque'nahak. I've seen this beast so many times now it's silly, and thankfully I helped yet another hunter tame it by the name 'Roberdenero'. If there are any Hunters on Agamaggan EU, Alliance side who wishes to get a specific Spirit Beast, seriously, give me a shout! :D Second more rare occurrence is an Orb of Deception dropped during my farm for the Razzashi Raptor farm, and the pet. This dropped off one of the Red Razzashi Raptors who also drop the pet, Razzashi Hatchling. Didn't expect it and it kinda caught me off guard due to it's elusiveness, but in any way, still very grateful to have it! The third and possibly rarest occurrence was in a Halls of Stone run... We had, finally after a year and a half of Wrath of the Lich King expansion, a [Super Simian Sphere] drop! Unfortunately I didn't win it, but just seeing it made me go 'ZOMFG ZOMFG ZOMFG!' :D

So yeh, have been fairly busy recently with stuffs, and will hopefully get back on track shortly. Also, as this blog was meant to be based mainly around Hunter pets and Rare Spawns as such, I'll try to keep you guys updated with any that I encounter, and my opinions etc.

Sorry about the slackyness! ;)


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Lich King

We've finally done it as a guild, we are up to the Lich King in 10 man Normal Progression! Below is a really badly made comic strip I put together showing our first thoughts and wipe etc:

Notice in the last picture how the Lich King is actually mocking our Raid leader :O He's like cheering or something like that x) Impressive stuff that we finally managed to get up to him, and here's me worried that we couldn't get passed Putricide a few months ago x)

So yup, short and sweet post today about this :)

I'd also like to point out that the model for Deathwing is actually on the Alpha now, and has been spread about the community quite a bit, so if you want to check him out, just google something like 'Deathwing Alpha' or something ;D

Until next time!


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Recruit a Friend... NOW!

Today, the Recruit a Friend has been updated so if you have a mount that still needs redeeming, get yaself a 2 seater rocket! Yeh, that means the Zhevra is unfortunately unobtainable anymore so you guys who have one, feel lucky you've got a retired mount! :)

If I'm correct, in order to get this mount, say for yourself with no-one else to link to, you have to firstly make a brand new account, link them together using some e-mail and then purchase a copy of the game's CD key then purchase 2 months of credit *pant pant* after all this you should be eligible to redeem your rocket mount on a selected character of your choice. In total, this single mount would probably set you back around £30, maybe less, if your intentions are to do it all by yourself. Now for £30, I wouldn't actually be too sure which character to redeem this pretty impressive thing on... Hmmm. Ahh wells, I spent £13 less on an Account Wide mount anyways ;D

/pat Celestial Steed

If you do however have a friend who needs introducing into World of Warcraft, what better time than now! :)

Next up, Lil'X.T.! God, I hate being a sucker for Blizzard's shiny things...


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Class Change Info

Ok, let's be honest, who really wants to hear my voice on the Class Changes? ;)

The information has been out for a week and a bit now and I'll give you an epic brief description of each one's thoughts I've come up with (Holy crap, bad english much? XD)

Hunter - ZOMFG More Stable Slots and Camouflage! :O
Druids - Interested in the Resto changes, although a little worried... x) It'll be finee!! :D
Mage - Hang on, a Time Warp and a wall of icy doom along with a ball of fire... Holy crap...
Death Knight - 'Yeh, thanks for that spell mate, now, lets see if your best mate who's levelling alongside you likes it... in the face... This is from you dude.' Sounds pretty fun fun ;)
Warrior - Heroic Leap! zomfg.
Paladin - Blinding Shield? Blinding win. Their own personal Guardian, HOLY BISCUIT! :D
Priest - 'Lol, check out the dumbass standing in the fire again... Gimme 2 secs, GET HERE YOU IDIOT!.. gdgd...' Inverted Death Grip ftw
Rogue - /fart GET IN MA LINE o' SIgHT! :D
Shaman - Casting while running... No fair! :(
Warlock - Something about the lock and the Demon becoming one fecking Transformer? :O

Yeh, so there's actually what I thought on the new information for classes etc. Exactly, heavily in depth and brimming with useful information... x) Possibly the complete Opposite of what I just said, but what can ya do?! ;)

For full information on class changes, abilities and little more nifty info, check out MMO-Champion in the link below.


Thursday, 15 April 2010

Celestial Steed

That's right, after a grueling hour or so of waiting for the Queue to go down from over 60+ thousand people also purchasing the same mount, I finally bagged it! Now, the use of the word 'grueling' there obviously an understatement, though sarcasm seems to not transfer well onto typed up words ;D Little upset that it's become a mount available to everyone, but at the same time, love the fact that we can actually get the bloody thing and don't have to be hardcore raiding 25 mans on heroic, or dedicating hours and hours on Arena, so all in all, very happy with this option!

As for the Class Change evaluation by me, ermm, yehh, work in progress, yehh, that'll do! :D Next post, promise! :)


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Sindragosa -Queen of the Frostbrood-

As you can imagine, a little more excited to post about this than I was about the Princes Kill, but woh... When we first stepped foot into Sindragosa's area, our hearts were in our mouth's with anticipation. Not only had we just got 2 new bosses down which previously we struggled for, but now, we were only 1 boss away from the Lich King himself...
I seem to be posting a lot more about raiding than I am about Hunter related things, which is a sign that good ol' Zukiji is aging, and from some cataclysmic event, may even change from a Dwarf to a Human, though stay tuned for confirmation on that!

Couple of Hunter related shizzness now. Zukiji's stables are now very much Beast Mastery friendly, being full with BM only pets! 4 of which are the Unique Skinned Spirit Beasts, with King Krush as a 'Tag-along' ;D Despite not actually being able to use my stable in Marksman at all now, I'm still very pleased with the state it's in so far. Next on the Agenda, renaming those who need it!

I'm going to make a post later on, maybe even within the next few minutes of this one going out about my personal opinions to the Class Changes which have been shown across various WoW related websites. In the eyes of Lord Marrowgar; 'Stick aroounnndd.... BOOONNEEESTOOORRRMMM!!!1!!11!!!one!!!'


Friday, 9 April 2010

Good news everyone!

That's right, we managed to do Putricide for the first time a week or two back and since, we've killed him yet again! Things are looking good for us! :D The screenshot above is of the first kill and unfortunately was taken shortly after Putricide's corpse actually despawned.

Well, has been a few weeks since I've actually posted here so I'll enlighten you guys on a few more updates in teh community so far! It was april first little over a week ago now and blizzard gave us all a race change, at a expensive cost, being deemed as a ninja... I'm only kidding! We all got changed into Tuskarr's on the Armory with some pretty humorous flavor text to go alongside things obtained recently.

Since we did that OS10 3D zerg, we've only done it once since in which Xeonoth won the mount roll, again! :D Congratulations to him again on his new shinyy drake :) On the same night of the epic win loot fest, my staff for Luxray finally dropped :O Xeo's tanking bracers finally dropped :O and Eetio's tanking neck finally dropped also! :O

Alllsssooooooooo!!!!! Classe Changed for Cataclysm should be announced for both Hunter, Druid and Mage today! :D Woooot ;)


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Guild Progress.

So a couple of days back we decided to give the Blood Princes of Icecrown Citadel a good go, and unfortunately, we just wasn't getting it. Today, all renewed, we gave these guys another good shot, which resulted in fail, fail, epic fail, more fail, boss kill, loot. Wait? Boss kill?! It was as if we wasn't actually going for the kill aswell, was very very obscure, but we actually managed to do it! After which we decided to give Putricide another good go. If I recall, 38% was the best we managed, but all in all, 7/12! Anywhoo, below is a picture of the Belf assholes ;D
I'm going to add a Guild Progress bar aswell, so if you guys want to check that out to see how we are doing, then do as you please!


Primal Blessing!

Zul'Gurub is mainly farmed for around 4 or so things, which have only a benefit cosmetically. These are the 2 mounts, Raptor and Tiger, a Raptor Pet now, and finally a Polymorph spell for Mages to change Humanoids, Beasts and Critters into a Turtle! All pretty cool great things, but if you look a little deeper into the loot tables and are as obsessed with cool looking gear or gear which has epic potential to be pew pew, then there is a certain set of weapons which can only be found here! Eetio is a bit of an obsessive over gear more than mounts and pets like myself, and due to this, every time we head off to Zul'Gurub, we have to do a specific additional boss aswell in hope that the weapons drop. The first of the two can be found off the same boss which drops the Tiger Mount, so there's no real loss for pet/mount collectors here, but a detour over to the Panther boss allows the second weapon to drop of the set. Now they both have a fairly low drop rate being epics etc, but my god... the Proc is EPIC in it's own rights. Eetio finally got the second weapon merely minutes ago and so far has been testing it out on dummies etc.

Yeh... it turns you into the frikkin 'Tiger Boss'... Happy Gnome is happy! :) I've added a bit of information based on the weapons etc on the image as you can see, as well as information from Wowhead on the Proc. Shiny proc is shinyy... x)

Ah, also 3.3.3 is out tomorrow, so loads of shizzness to take in there! 102nd mount and 120th pet on Zukiji inc! :D


Friday, 19 March 2010

Bloody Rare!

As you may already know, I've got a mage now and I'm keeping it as a 'trophy' sort of character and staying at level 70. Managed to get quite a few achievements on it at the moment, but for the second time on another character of mine other than Zukiji, last night I managed to obtain the achievement 'Bloody Rare' after a few days on and off searching for the Vorakem Doomspeaker (Last one of the set). Below is the kill-shot and achievement shot ;)

Now, just a mere 50 minutes before this, yet another bloody rare occurrence happened. I was helping a friend (not saying his actual name to conceal his 'true identity') in Sunken Temple to do his level 50 hunter Quest. This was the second time we had been here, the first was when he was around level 48/49. I knew before hand of a specific rare drop that drops off the last boss in here, a sword which when equipped and procced, summons a little Emerald Whelping to fight alongside you! Pretty sweet, but the chances of it dropping are damn slim, around 1/1000 if I'm not mistaken so we didn't count on it dropping. Well, apparently we were wrong...
What surprised me about this is that I had never seen it drop whilst levelling my paladin which thus far has been leveling solely through the means of the Dungeon Finder. I've seen a few epics drop, Deadman's Hand, a BoE Sword etc, but never this! All I can say is Gratz to him for winning the blade! Tis shinyyyy! :D


Sunday, 14 March 2010

Still here!

That's right guys, I'm still here, just replaying the most recent events over in my head from both Final Fantasy XIII and the more exciting news for our Guild in WoW 'Back in Action'.

Progression started off pretty slow and ended in the guild managing to do a few bosses in the first Quarter of ICC. This doesn't sound like very appealing news as over half the servers now are probably pugging their way up to Putricide (Possibly x)) but as a guild, using everything we possibly could, we have managed to get a pretty solid team together and have surpassed Rotface and finally, the benevolent Festergut (We had more troubles on Festergut due to DPS reasons, but we managed to get him down eventually with many cheers from those who have spent a great deal of time and effort into this great progression so far). There are a few select guys who really stand out and I would like to do a personal shout to them for their hard work and ensuring that we will become a successful guild, and hopefully during Cataclysm, one that strives for victory! You guys undoubtedly know who you are. We have had a few problems whether it be in Guild, Raiding or in general, but we seem to overcome these and now the Roster for 'Back in Action' is looking pretty solid for 10 man Raids, which is a personal preference of mine! Our loot system makes sense and ensures those who intend to stay with us, will agree with the rules and work as hard as they can to ensure their position as a Raider.

Back when the guild was named 'Lost in Action', we had a nice group going for Ulduar 10 man Progression, and it's humble to say, that 'Back in Action' is heading back in that direction!


As for Final Fantasy XIII... Holy crap, that game is damn shiny to look at! x) The battle system is simple at first, but eventually you have to start to use your head a little instead of just bashing 'Auto-Attack' all the time. The main thing I'm worried about at the moment is the lack of major Side Missions/Quests as there was in previous Final Fantasies (Chocobo Treasure Hunt and Tetra Master in FFIX, Blitzball and Monster Catching for the Arena in FFX are a few examples) but at the moment, I'm seeing it as a roller-coaster ride, one way to go, and multiple levels of difficulty but at the same time, a pretty epic experience!

Little odd me talking about something other than WoW, but hey, it's a damn good game and has kept me off my computer for the first time in a while! Next thing you'll probably hear me talk about is Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver! x) (Damn I want them so bad right now... fucking pokémon obsession...) Ah wells, until next time guys!


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Final Fantasy XIII

Not really WoW related but still...



Saturday, 6 March 2010

Salty Zukiji

It's about bloody time that I took a good few moments in a decent attempt at 'Master Angler of Azeroth' achievement and on my first attempt, I managed to acquire it, being my final achievement required in the Professions > Fishing tab!
Finally, I've got the Salty Title! :D

The main reason I picked the boots over the heirloom ring came down to the amount of 'fun shit' I have in my invent, items which port me from place to place and the extra fishing skill on the boots will help for further fishing progression in Cataclysm!

Really looking forward to 3.3.3, many new pets and mounts to look forward to!


Sunday, 28 February 2010

Of the Nightfall.

What a night... Seriously... Our main Raid Leader yesterday was unfortunately hacked, and at the present moment is flying around Sholazar Basin skinning mobs like there's no tomorrow. Originally we had a ToC run scheduled and Randomlight was due to lead it, same as any other raiding day, and was set to be a pretty solid run, however, due to the hacking, we had to go for it ourselves to ensure the Guild Members who turned up on time got something to show for it! Off we went, and less than an hour later, with no wipes (Just a few silly breaks by myself ;D) we downed Anub'arak again! :)) After this, we decided to hit Onyxia's lair up as the group was a pretty nice solid one, although we possibly wouldn't have been able to down Saurfang imo ;D After a sweet victory in this Nostalgic raid, the members were still up for some more carnage! So, what else could we do? Possibly, hmm, I dunno, a OS10 man 3D up run? Bah... We need a shammy for that... or do we?
Around 10-15 wipes later of attempting to zerg this son'bitch into the ground, we finally managed to obtain the title 'of the Nightfall' and the victor of the mount was Xeonoth! Now, with Xeonoth being a great friend of mine, both in WoW and in real life, he was crazy enough to plonk this shinyy drake into a trade box with me... Madness, I know! But with a nice donation from myself of 3000g as it would be a mount which would also get me a little something else, he was more than willing to help out! Thank you again so much dude for this, finally I hit 100 mounts because of ya! x)
Shortly afterwards, flying around Krasus' Landing with a brand new shinyy Blue Dragonhawk and a Black Drake to go alongside it, Sortmane (It's actually Sortmane with a weird thing above the a x)) obtained his Frostbitten Achievement! So major congratulations to him on that aswell :)
Now, I'm ready for bed...


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Mage inc!

Finally, my Mage has hit level 70, the benchmark that will hopefully allow me to remember the good times of Burning Crusade, with all the new shit obv x)

I'll either keep levelling this character after certain personal criterion have been met, for example:
  • Full Tier Raiding Gear
  • Bloody Rare Achievement
  • Max Professions (To 375)
  • Epic Flyer along with the Snowy Gryphon
  • White Hawkstrider
  • Duel Spec
You get the sort of thing I'm going for here ;) Oh, and it's my only female char and oddly enough, it's tabard seems to be something a little odd for a Gnome to have... But why could that be? ;D

I've also added the 3D character veiws of my 'main' characters to the bottom of the page. (Hence why there isn't a Deathknight Link ;D)


Friday, 19 February 2010


WOOOT! The new patch will let us retake Gnomeregan!!! :OOO

Annnddd, Frozen Orb vendor... selling a new mount! :OO


New mounts and pets! :OO My god... Best MMO-Champion day evar! :))


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Current Pet Status... Good!

I've been thinking alot recently about a few things, but the main thing on my mine (WoW related) is what the hell do I do if I see a beast I want to tame considering the status of my stable at the moment? Well, here's a quick insider to what it looks like as of present:
Now I think you may agree, there are some pretty nice pets in there, all of which are rare spawns and 1 in particular is a bit of a mess to get (I'm talking to you King Krush!). Why am I posting this? Well as I have been attempting to farm reputation with the Winterspring Trainers for the Frostsaber mount, I have been wondering what I would do if I was to come into contact with Rak'shiri, a pet which used to be the 'Loque'nahak of today' so to speak. Yes, it's a normal kitty and yes, there is another way to tame a cat which has the same skin colour, but you should know by now, I am partial to a rare or two. A quick picture of Rak'shiri can be seen below for you guys who may be unaware just what he looks like.
Now yes, I do love rares, but the state my Stable is in at the moment only allows me to actually pick one pet for Marksmen which so happens to be my Raiding Spec, and as you can see, it's a frikkin parrot! I wouldn't have much gripe about it if I had managed to conjure up the Hyacinth Macaw by now, but ever since I started grinding the rep for this mount (Approximately yesterday xD) I've been thinking about what to do in a situation like today, if Rak'shiri appears, would I tame it in place of Aotona? Or get rid of one of my prized Spirit Beast pets for it? I used to have Rak'shiri some time back, and now I have decided to go for him again, thus confusing the hell out of me on what to do x)

Here is a spot of information and lore based on this beautiful beast directly from WoWWiki:
  • Hunters often seek to tame Rak'shiri for its striking appearance, which is shared only with Shy-Rotam, who before patch 2.3,was a Horde-exclusive quest-spawn. They are based on mount skins, thus when viewed in the hunter's Pet window, the model is placed lower than normal pet models, since the viewer is leaving room for a rider to be shown.

    Of note is that Rak'Shiri is mentioned as prey of the all-time famous dwarven game hunter, Hemet Nesingwary. According to his Outland hunting buddy, Shado 'Fitz' Farstrider, he and Hemet met as rivals both attempting to catch this mighty cat, and ended up making a friendly competition out of it. (Which, according to Farstrider's regret, was also the event that gave him the title "Fitz".)

Ahh wells, would love to hear feedback from you guys about what you'd do!


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Glory of the Peddlefeet!

Happy valentines to all you lovers out there, too bad the only thing seeing attention from me this year 'round is the messy kitchen which could do with a good clean! Anyways, with that out the way, time for me to introduce the newest pet and mount to the ever gaining collection that is 'Zuk's collection of Pet and Mounts'! Great name ey? Got a nice feel to it ;)
Yup, finally I have managed to get Glory of the Hero done on Zukiji! The last achievement needed was Watch him Die, and as always, Daudinn produced some epic display thus allowing me to obtain this shinyy mount! Compared to the first time when we did this, back on Luxray, ages ago, we didn't have the option of 'Dungeon Finder' and whatnot, so we pugged 2 people, a healer and a dps who were both like 'lulwtfuxxwedoingguys?' Thankfully, if it wasn't for the Shammy's heroism, we wouldn't have got it done, as both healer and dps died, with only me and Eetio on the main boss and Daudinn making it out of the instance like a stealthy Paladin (how that works, don't ask me, Daudinn's the one with the skills ;)). But yeh, we got it done and voila! :D

Thankfully due to people's QQ over low drop rates, and my personal QQ over getting Peddlefeet last year on my bloody Deathknight and not on Zukiji, Blizzard have allowed us to obtain this rather dumb pet through the means of a vendor, so I salute you Blizzard for ensuring I get that next pet! But... In doing this, they have introduced another pet and another mount... Both which drop off the new seasonal boss, and both which I am (as of present) deeming unlootable via Zuk. As much as I would love to get the mount for Zukiji, not only to get 1 step closer to 100 mounts, but because of it's sheer rarety, I can only wish to just see it drop as with the Headless Horseman mount. People who state 'omg I NEED this mount so badly!' in my eyes don't actually deserve it unless they have a very viable reason, I'm just sayin'! Congratulations to everyone who has obtained it though, and to those people who have less that around 25 mounts and have obtained it, then I'll keep them words to myself... Now, on the first run on my druid, I managed to obtain the pet, which is ok to a certain extent. Firstly, I actually play Luxray as I don't, or try not to with Verex. Secondly, I have began to collect pets on Luxray when most of the ones on Zukiji became fairly hard to get. But lastly, it isn't Zukiji, so I need to see and win a roll on it again, which pretty much sucks. This ain't all too bad though with a consistent group of Me, Eetio, Daudinn and Skellibjalla, all going for it together each day. We should in theory, get everything we need/want unless we pug and they ninja it off us... But yeh, so far it's been fun and for the next 2 weeks, it shall hopefully stay the same :D

3 Mounts to Go! :D


Friday, 5 February 2010


Loque'nahak was found originally on the Beta to Wrath of the Lich king, in which the forums blew up with information and excitement at this discovery. No-one knew if there would be any more Spirit Beasts that followed the infamous Loque'nahak, but due to it's reputation of being possibly the most beautiful pet in game, and unique, Blizzard decided to follow up and provide us with an extra Spirit Beast each patch, and I'm going to do my best to cover as much as I can about this incredible companion.

Personal Lore:
Loque'nahak is in search of food for Har'koa's little kittens, and the journey is a long and tough one, risking the cold of Storm Peaks and the battles of Wintergrasp, Loque'nahak will finally reach his hunting location within 3-5 hours of prowling Northrend. Monkeys, Rhinos, Mammoths... Anything will do, as long as he makes it back with enough for the little ones. But on the hunt, are many warriors from all over Azeroth, in search of the most elusive beasts in the world, and unfortunately, Loque'nahak has been marked for death... Will he make it back to Har'koa in time to feed the cubs, or will he join the ranks of a soldier during the battle of the Lich King? Death is also on the cards, and Loque'nahak knows this, willing to defend himself along with the food gathered, and the sake of his own life.

  • Loque'nahak is a Rare Elite tamable mob that spawns in a few locations around Sholazar Basin. The respawn timer is around 6-12 hours, and unfortunately shares it with the strong and aggressive King Krush.
  • Passive, so when tracking for Loque'nahak, he will turn up as a yellow mark on the radar.
  • Level 76 and requires the 51 point talent in Beast Mastery to tame.
  • Was the first Spirit Beast of 4 to be released. (To date)

Finding Loque'nahak originally was a pretty big task, and finding him nowadays continues to be somewhat of a struggle, both mentally and physically. I've made a map with locations where I have personally found Loque'nahak, and marked each one, with varying levels of opacity for the amounts of times I've came across him.

Now people say it's the rarest pet in game, and in some ways, I agree. Yes, it's possibly the best looking pet ever, but there are rarer pets. But I won't go into that in this post.

Any questions or queries, post them below and I'll be glad to help.

Oh and congratulations to another Hunter who I helped tame Loque'nahak last night!


Thursday, 4 February 2010


Ok, so yesterday saw the release of 3.3.2, the patch of the Lich King encounter and a few pieces of dramatic news from MMO-Champion.

Firstly, a US Guild, within hours of the patch going live had already claimed victory over the Lich King in 10 man. When I heard news of this, it was around 9:40am and there was still 20 minutes to go for the patch to be released over here in the EU! Congratulations to them, and the video is EPIC!

Secondly, Ensidia has apparently been banned for 72 hours due to an 'exploit' or whatnot during their 25 man Lich King kill. Loads of rumors are going around, saying things like 'Ensidia are possibly finished now' and 'ZOMFG teh bezt guld in teh wurld if ovArZ!?' but only time will tell. I can only hope for the best for them.

kk, Blog news! I haven't updated you guys since my 20th birthday for 2 reasons. The main one being to do with my screenshots. If I accomplish something in game that stands out to me, or I've worked hard towards, I'll post it with it's own achievement. Now the achievement's I edit onto the actual images have come from a different source via an awesome website made by 'Tural' of MMO-Champion. Unfortunately the website has temporarily been disabled for the following reason:

Really sucks when a guy like Tural makes a site like that for everyone to use then the gimps higher up in the ranks, or the 'd00dz who howztz teh srvrz yo' demand more money and suspend it due to their own greed. People suck...

The other reason for my lacky updates is the next one after the 28th of January was schedueled to be a Loque'nahak special as the bubblegum faced beauty won the poll of the favorite looking Spirit Beast! Thanks to the 26 of you guys who voted ;) The reason I haven't been able to make this update is, well, I actually cannot find her this week! In and out of Random Heroics while scouring the area for the slick beast has resulted in 0 sightings, so unless I make some fake ones or something (I want to get a screenshot of her prior to a tame for size comparison) then I'll have to postpone this one a little longer. Sorry guys!

Oh, and one final message before I go. Everyone now should be able to comment below without making a google account or whatever it's called, so if you stop by to check out the page, leave a message! They are all welcome (Except the dumbass ones obv...)


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The QQ post

Firstly, I'd like to remind everyone that there's only 1 day left for the Spirit Beast poll. After which I'll make a fully detailed post on the winning one for you guys to find out more about it! (Please don't be Gondria... Please don't be Gondria...)

Okidokes! So the QQ post. There's 2 things I'm talking about today, drop rates and PvP realms. Firstly, PvP realms (and a pretty decent tie in with drop rates). I came across this major problem when this kewl kid decided to camp my ass for around half an hour straight. Now, fair enough, I moved to a PvP server with full intention of doing so, and knowing what I'd get myself in for all year round whether it be levelling or doing the World Events. My more recent hardcore grind of the Hyacinth Macaw began and off I ran, killing pirate after pirate after pirate. Nothing, not even a blue. Ahh wells, it will drop soon, right? Then out of no-where, some crazy PvP priest turns up and destroys the living hell out of me. Fair enough, you got me, and you yourself was probably going to be grinding the pet, so the better man won. Off I went to res up and lolwtf? He's just standing above my corpse, no pirate kills or whatnot. He's doing this as revenge for something, but what? I res up, rocket boots away and hide under water for a good couple of minutes with my Deepsea Helmet equipped. After getting a quick bite to eat and a drink (IRL) I proceed with the farming. Pirate, boom dead. Pirate, boom dead. Pirate, boom dead. Dwarf, boom dead. Oh wait? He's back! Crap... Same again, run off with rocket boots and submerge self for best results! Most of you guys reading would have probably played with me in game at some point and know how much I suck balls at PvP, so this wasn't going to end pretty for me, considering how well geared the Priest was. Ahh wells, here's a screenshot of his final killing blow to me with a little of what I thought at the time.

Right, drop rates... Major QQ has ensued from me recently about the Battered Hilt drop rate. Fair enough, it may only drop for you once in your lifetime and if it does drop and your roll doesn't exactly come out on top, don't worry, because another one will drop for you again 'Soon' and by 'Soon' I mean in around a years time... x) Seriously, this thing is damn rare. Up until yesterday, I personally had never seen the thing dropped on any of my level 80s. Each day I'd proceed to do both Forge of Souls and Pit of Saron (Halls of Reflection, no thnx ;D ) on both my Hunter and my Druid (and rarely on my Death Knight) and I still never saw it drop until this happened...
Yeh, epic freak out. Every 1 or 2 minutes, I had to keep checking my inventory just to double, triple and quadruple make sure that it wasn't all an illusion. A few things have been going through my mind as I got it, mainly 'If I sold it for around 12,000g, I could afford 3 more mounts and enough to level my Tailoring enough on Zukiji to get both of those mounts, bumping me up to 97 with only 3 to go', and 'If I was to use it, I could get that damn shiny blade on Zukiji, or the one handed mace on Luxray for Resto, or even the 2h mace on Luxray for Tanking'. So yeh, a bit of controversy. If anyones got any idea what I should do with it, considering I am trying my hardest to get 100 mounts before Cataclysm, post a comment in the comments section below if possible. Many thanks!

Woot! Birthday tomorrow :DD sorry, getting a little excited...


Sunday, 24 January 2010


Ok, so it's been around a week since I updated, in which a lot of stuff has happened. We'll start with the bad news in hope that I can liven everyone's spirits by the end! A new, real good mate of mine, who you could see in the King Krush post, as 'Holymelons' has got his Hunter back, Mínstrels! This is great news as it is a very cherished member of his roster, and is what got me and him talking in the first place, Rares! So what is the bad news? On our search for Loque'nahak, a day or two after a successful Skoll tame by good ol' Mínstrels, we came across the green bitch that is King Krush. I quickly logged onto a priest and flew over in a major attempt at what could be another successful King Krush tame of the month! Nothing could go wrong right? Well unfortunately, if your a dumbass and don't understand combat in this game, everyone can attack everything (aside from other players on PvE realms) that is aggressive and most neutral mobs, and when I say everyone, I'm referring to the asshole who did this...

Ok, we got the loot down to the first attack and whatnot, but what really got us pissed is that he was actually watching us try and tame the beast in what seemed to be a flawless attempt! I'm writing this mainly so people out there should just leave a hunter alone when he is trying to tame something, it's not fair on the hunter who has put a lot of work and effort into finding such a beast and the effort into actually taming something as hard to get as King Krush. It's just not on guys, just sayin'. After this pretty traumtic ordeal, we decided to go find the King Krush 'original' which resided in Un'goro Crater, King Mosh. Now this guy is b-a-d-a-s-s being a lvl 50+ rare elite with over 61,000 hp. If you come across this as a level 50 or so, get prepared for a whooping! Off we set, with a rare Devilsaur at the back of our minds. Running back and forward, back and forward until... BOOM! Macro hit's gold (or silver if you know what I mean ;) ) In our hero, Mínstrels goes, proceeding to tame this giant mother with all his force! 'C'mon damn you!' he shouts down Ventrillo in a heroic gesture of revenge over the loss of King Krush. FEAR! Oh god, not this again... Frantically, he rushes off to tame a new beast, a raptor in order to use Bestial Wrath for the fear ward. While doing this, Zukiji is trying something which could shape the face of this tame, testing if the fear hits 100% of the time. Thankfully it doesn't on a level 80, Mínstrels got a little unlucky the first time and eventually managed to bag himself a shinyy new Devilsaur with huge sentimental value (in my eyes at least). Congratulations Mínstrels!


Secondly in todays post, Eetio has gone and pushed the boundaries of 'epic son'bitch' once more with this 'small' addition to his slowly increasing mount collection...
Now, what struck me with this is the sheer amount of gold that went into the said purchase. It could have been more epic with the Mekigneer's Chopper, but who gives a fook, he's just gone and got every achievement mount from Mei Frances at once! Epic gratz bro, and good job you got all your stuff back from the GMs after the hack. Which reminds me, get a frikkin' Authenticator if you haven't already! That's right, I'm talking to you! :) Ok, I'll stop that, I'm a nice guy ;D


Finally, my Druid, Luxray, is one suave pimping mo fo with this little number. A couple of weeks back, I started grinding rep for the Cenarion Circle in a fail attempt at getting the 'Guardian of Cenarius' achievement. This started to dry up until a couple of AQ runs later and many scroll hand ins, and BOOM, Exalted with the Cenarion Circle! I was just one step away from the ultimate Druid title! Cenarion Expedition was going to be a fairly simple, yet somewhat 'harder hitting' than the previous one. The first load of rep was already acquired while leveling, taking any quest from the Cenarion Expedition I could find as I intended to get this title as soon as I hit 80 (which never seemed to happen). This stood me nicely at the beginning of Revered, after which I started to grind it with me good buddy Mínstrels! The first couple of runs were easy and fairly boring, but rep is rep! When he got the key for being Honored, that's where things took off. Hitting the same place Heroic with Renoa with us ensured for a fast and smooth rep run! We didn't do another one for around 2 or 3 days until today... We ground the living crap into them places... Seriously... From around 8k rep straight through to the full 21,999 for full Exalted in 1 night! Thank you so much again dude, really was an epic grind, and thanks to Poisonmaster for joining us for the 3 Heroics! (or should I say Rilf ;) )
As you can see, I'm also on the Cenarion War Hippogryph! The perfect Druid Flying mount alongside the title and the Raven Lord for old world content! I woulden't have been able to get this without the help from Mínstrels again, and his patience with me, plus his weighty donation of 1000g for the mount, which has been considered as my early Birthday Present for Thursday! Thank you!

This reminds me, there is only 4 days left to vote on the Spirit Beast poll, I haven't checked the votes so far, and won't until the 28th which conveniently coincides with my birthday! (Coincidence? I think not!) So yeh, take a vote if you haven't already :)


Monday, 18 January 2010

New mount, new pet!

With only 8 more mounts to go, each one is becoming a bit of a challenge in it's own rights to obtain on Zukiji until the final 100 mark, and a few days back (I didn't update due to actual excitement that I managed to get it) Zukiji managed to obtain the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth bringing the collection up to 92. For me, this mount was a major milestone, one that now I have got this, I should be able to get the others. The main 'push' I had to get this was mainly from my brother so cheers bud! ;D I made around 8k in less than a week, and to be really honest, I actually don't know how I did it. eeek!

The new pet I managed to obtain is Snarly, the frisky little Crocolisk pet that has refused to adopt Zukiji as his owner and instead take Luxray and my lesser known Death Knight, Verex, has finally gave in and Zukiji is now the proud owner of all 4 Crocolisk pets from the 'Crocolisk in the City!' daily Quest from Old Man Barlo outside of Shattrath. This brings the pet collection up to 117, with only 1 pet now that is farmable... the Hyacinth Macaw... eeek! Below is a slightly edited picture of the 4 Crocolisk pets next to each other with the corresponding name below. Thanks again to WarcraftPets for the Croc pics :D


Thursday, 14 January 2010

King Krush

As some of you may know, I've had a lot of downs with this beast, mainly due to not being able to tame it as it either kills me or casts that stupid fear ability. Well today I decided to help out a fellow guild member of Paradox, yes, that's right, I'm finally in Paradox after much talk some time ago with the Guild Leader, but only on Zukiji at the present moment of time. Anyway, back on topic! I decided to help a fellow guild member try and tame a Spirit Beast. If you don't know me in game, then you may not know what I am like about rares as this blog really doesn't do the passion I have for them justice. At first it started off with Storm Peaks. Unfortunately no Skoll. Moving onto Zul'Drak and... nothing... No Gondria or Silithid (See what I did there?) for him to tame. 2 more options left, and in my eyes, the hardest ones of the 4 Spirit Beasts to date. Arcturis, Grizzly Hills, go! But still, no Spirit Beast! Could be that I forgot to put some [Zuk'n'nuke Cologne] on before going and checking for these beauties, this making them all flee in terror. Last one, and the long flight from Grizzly Hills to Sholazar Basin was going to be what determines a shiny new pet or not. I start off flying from the northern spot, located near to the eagles. Nothing. Then I proceed flying to the most Northern West location, nothing still. Then, before my eyes, the Green Terror which I've had quite some history with appears!

A Wild King Krush Appears!

Frantically I start thinking which of the 4 Spirit Beasts would it be worth risking to attempt to tame this Green Monster, and unfortunately it had to be Gondria. Oh well, I'll come into contact with her again at some point (especially after having found her 32 times in the past...). Call pet, attack King Krush, Abandon pet with Bestial Wrath synched, nothing can go wrong now! Bestial Wrath wears off just a second before KK fears me... All hope is lost, but wait, the cavalry is on their way! In the distance, I spotted a Undead Warrior, coming towards KK at some speed with Rage coursing through his rotting corpse. There's 2 ways this can end, with KK dead, or my fail attempt at PvP and watch as this walking hunk of a rotting corpse takes the kill, thus making this KK sighting, yet another fail attempt. I take no chances, leaping like a mad man at the Undead, in a relentless attempt at killing him. Success! Now to find out a way to actually tame King Krush. The Cavalry arrives, equipped with heals, fear wards and extra security from the Horde. Everything seems perfect now! The taming begins... 18 seconds... 17 seconds... 16 seconds... for what feels an eternity until 9 seconds... Fear -> Immune! All looks good! 3 seconds... 2 seconds... 1.5 seconds... 1 second... 0.5 seconds... DING! I have never felt so much revenge in all my life as to finally taming this beast. The past encounters looked something like this...
  • First Sighting: Level 76, roaming about Sholazar Basin, questing and being a general noob then boom, there KK is, try tame it and fail obviously. Blood Elf Paladin then kills it.
  • Second Sighting: Level 80, strong attempt at solo taming it, but still fails miserably
  • Third Sighting: Dead already...
  • Fourth Sighting: Gave up taming and killed it as the last one on my Frostbitten List.
  • Fifth Sighting: Another strong attempt at taming it, ends with a Dreanei Shaman flying down, after seeing me struggle to tame it and proceed to kill it...
  • Sixth Sighting: Successful Tame!
Those sightings are all times I have been on with Zukiji. I have met it several other times on other characters, mainly my Death Knight for some reason.

Extremely happy and excited with this new tame! A very hard one to get indeed and the thanks go out to:


P.S. The Armory has had an awesome make-over, allowing us to actually look at our characters in a 3D perspective! Here's a quick glimpse at how it looks when posted on a blog etc: