Monday, 7 June 2010

Sig time :)

Recently have been creating sigs for forums and whatnot, and I'm not too sure why... hmmm xP
I'm gonna post each one I make here so you guys can check them out :D

They arn't amazing, but I've really just started so give me a bit more time and hopefully we'll have more variation and shinyness :)

As you can see, I tested some locations for fonts, titles, and general sort of wordage to get a bit more of a feel for what they could be used for in the future :D


  1. Yeah the one of Xeonoth is amasing...
    I mean.... Xeonoths just soo coool!
    - fact

  2. Hmmm, may I also set you the task of one for my Zeolux my rogue? :D
    make it pew pew as always
    Armory -

    (if u want me to change gear in it just /y in game :P)