Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The QQ post

Firstly, I'd like to remind everyone that there's only 1 day left for the Spirit Beast poll. After which I'll make a fully detailed post on the winning one for you guys to find out more about it! (Please don't be Gondria... Please don't be Gondria...)

Okidokes! So the QQ post. There's 2 things I'm talking about today, drop rates and PvP realms. Firstly, PvP realms (and a pretty decent tie in with drop rates). I came across this major problem when this kewl kid decided to camp my ass for around half an hour straight. Now, fair enough, I moved to a PvP server with full intention of doing so, and knowing what I'd get myself in for all year round whether it be levelling or doing the World Events. My more recent hardcore grind of the Hyacinth Macaw began and off I ran, killing pirate after pirate after pirate. Nothing, not even a blue. Ahh wells, it will drop soon, right? Then out of no-where, some crazy PvP priest turns up and destroys the living hell out of me. Fair enough, you got me, and you yourself was probably going to be grinding the pet, so the better man won. Off I went to res up and lolwtf? He's just standing above my corpse, no pirate kills or whatnot. He's doing this as revenge for something, but what? I res up, rocket boots away and hide under water for a good couple of minutes with my Deepsea Helmet equipped. After getting a quick bite to eat and a drink (IRL) I proceed with the farming. Pirate, boom dead. Pirate, boom dead. Pirate, boom dead. Dwarf, boom dead. Oh wait? He's back! Crap... Same again, run off with rocket boots and submerge self for best results! Most of you guys reading would have probably played with me in game at some point and know how much I suck balls at PvP, so this wasn't going to end pretty for me, considering how well geared the Priest was. Ahh wells, here's a screenshot of his final killing blow to me with a little of what I thought at the time.

Right, drop rates... Major QQ has ensued from me recently about the Battered Hilt drop rate. Fair enough, it may only drop for you once in your lifetime and if it does drop and your roll doesn't exactly come out on top, don't worry, because another one will drop for you again 'Soon' and by 'Soon' I mean in around a years time... x) Seriously, this thing is damn rare. Up until yesterday, I personally had never seen the thing dropped on any of my level 80s. Each day I'd proceed to do both Forge of Souls and Pit of Saron (Halls of Reflection, no thnx ;D ) on both my Hunter and my Druid (and rarely on my Death Knight) and I still never saw it drop until this happened...
Yeh, epic freak out. Every 1 or 2 minutes, I had to keep checking my inventory just to double, triple and quadruple make sure that it wasn't all an illusion. A few things have been going through my mind as I got it, mainly 'If I sold it for around 12,000g, I could afford 3 more mounts and enough to level my Tailoring enough on Zukiji to get both of those mounts, bumping me up to 97 with only 3 to go', and 'If I was to use it, I could get that damn shiny blade on Zukiji, or the one handed mace on Luxray for Resto, or even the 2h mace on Luxray for Tanking'. So yeh, a bit of controversy. If anyones got any idea what I should do with it, considering I am trying my hardest to get 100 mounts before Cataclysm, post a comment in the comments section below if possible. Many thanks!

Woot! Birthday tomorrow :DD sorry, getting a little excited...


Sunday, 24 January 2010


Ok, so it's been around a week since I updated, in which a lot of stuff has happened. We'll start with the bad news in hope that I can liven everyone's spirits by the end! A new, real good mate of mine, who you could see in the King Krush post, as 'Holymelons' has got his Hunter back, Mínstrels! This is great news as it is a very cherished member of his roster, and is what got me and him talking in the first place, Rares! So what is the bad news? On our search for Loque'nahak, a day or two after a successful Skoll tame by good ol' Mínstrels, we came across the green bitch that is King Krush. I quickly logged onto a priest and flew over in a major attempt at what could be another successful King Krush tame of the month! Nothing could go wrong right? Well unfortunately, if your a dumbass and don't understand combat in this game, everyone can attack everything (aside from other players on PvE realms) that is aggressive and most neutral mobs, and when I say everyone, I'm referring to the asshole who did this...

Ok, we got the loot down to the first attack and whatnot, but what really got us pissed is that he was actually watching us try and tame the beast in what seemed to be a flawless attempt! I'm writing this mainly so people out there should just leave a hunter alone when he is trying to tame something, it's not fair on the hunter who has put a lot of work and effort into finding such a beast and the effort into actually taming something as hard to get as King Krush. It's just not on guys, just sayin'. After this pretty traumtic ordeal, we decided to go find the King Krush 'original' which resided in Un'goro Crater, King Mosh. Now this guy is b-a-d-a-s-s being a lvl 50+ rare elite with over 61,000 hp. If you come across this as a level 50 or so, get prepared for a whooping! Off we set, with a rare Devilsaur at the back of our minds. Running back and forward, back and forward until... BOOM! Macro hit's gold (or silver if you know what I mean ;) ) In our hero, Mínstrels goes, proceeding to tame this giant mother with all his force! 'C'mon damn you!' he shouts down Ventrillo in a heroic gesture of revenge over the loss of King Krush. FEAR! Oh god, not this again... Frantically, he rushes off to tame a new beast, a raptor in order to use Bestial Wrath for the fear ward. While doing this, Zukiji is trying something which could shape the face of this tame, testing if the fear hits 100% of the time. Thankfully it doesn't on a level 80, Mínstrels got a little unlucky the first time and eventually managed to bag himself a shinyy new Devilsaur with huge sentimental value (in my eyes at least). Congratulations Mínstrels!


Secondly in todays post, Eetio has gone and pushed the boundaries of 'epic son'bitch' once more with this 'small' addition to his slowly increasing mount collection...
Now, what struck me with this is the sheer amount of gold that went into the said purchase. It could have been more epic with the Mekigneer's Chopper, but who gives a fook, he's just gone and got every achievement mount from Mei Frances at once! Epic gratz bro, and good job you got all your stuff back from the GMs after the hack. Which reminds me, get a frikkin' Authenticator if you haven't already! That's right, I'm talking to you! :) Ok, I'll stop that, I'm a nice guy ;D


Finally, my Druid, Luxray, is one suave pimping mo fo with this little number. A couple of weeks back, I started grinding rep for the Cenarion Circle in a fail attempt at getting the 'Guardian of Cenarius' achievement. This started to dry up until a couple of AQ runs later and many scroll hand ins, and BOOM, Exalted with the Cenarion Circle! I was just one step away from the ultimate Druid title! Cenarion Expedition was going to be a fairly simple, yet somewhat 'harder hitting' than the previous one. The first load of rep was already acquired while leveling, taking any quest from the Cenarion Expedition I could find as I intended to get this title as soon as I hit 80 (which never seemed to happen). This stood me nicely at the beginning of Revered, after which I started to grind it with me good buddy Mínstrels! The first couple of runs were easy and fairly boring, but rep is rep! When he got the key for being Honored, that's where things took off. Hitting the same place Heroic with Renoa with us ensured for a fast and smooth rep run! We didn't do another one for around 2 or 3 days until today... We ground the living crap into them places... Seriously... From around 8k rep straight through to the full 21,999 for full Exalted in 1 night! Thank you so much again dude, really was an epic grind, and thanks to Poisonmaster for joining us for the 3 Heroics! (or should I say Rilf ;) )
As you can see, I'm also on the Cenarion War Hippogryph! The perfect Druid Flying mount alongside the title and the Raven Lord for old world content! I woulden't have been able to get this without the help from Mínstrels again, and his patience with me, plus his weighty donation of 1000g for the mount, which has been considered as my early Birthday Present for Thursday! Thank you!

This reminds me, there is only 4 days left to vote on the Spirit Beast poll, I haven't checked the votes so far, and won't until the 28th which conveniently coincides with my birthday! (Coincidence? I think not!) So yeh, take a vote if you haven't already :)


Monday, 18 January 2010

New mount, new pet!

With only 8 more mounts to go, each one is becoming a bit of a challenge in it's own rights to obtain on Zukiji until the final 100 mark, and a few days back (I didn't update due to actual excitement that I managed to get it) Zukiji managed to obtain the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth bringing the collection up to 92. For me, this mount was a major milestone, one that now I have got this, I should be able to get the others. The main 'push' I had to get this was mainly from my brother so cheers bud! ;D I made around 8k in less than a week, and to be really honest, I actually don't know how I did it. eeek!

The new pet I managed to obtain is Snarly, the frisky little Crocolisk pet that has refused to adopt Zukiji as his owner and instead take Luxray and my lesser known Death Knight, Verex, has finally gave in and Zukiji is now the proud owner of all 4 Crocolisk pets from the 'Crocolisk in the City!' daily Quest from Old Man Barlo outside of Shattrath. This brings the pet collection up to 117, with only 1 pet now that is farmable... the Hyacinth Macaw... eeek! Below is a slightly edited picture of the 4 Crocolisk pets next to each other with the corresponding name below. Thanks again to WarcraftPets for the Croc pics :D


Thursday, 14 January 2010

King Krush

As some of you may know, I've had a lot of downs with this beast, mainly due to not being able to tame it as it either kills me or casts that stupid fear ability. Well today I decided to help out a fellow guild member of Paradox, yes, that's right, I'm finally in Paradox after much talk some time ago with the Guild Leader, but only on Zukiji at the present moment of time. Anyway, back on topic! I decided to help a fellow guild member try and tame a Spirit Beast. If you don't know me in game, then you may not know what I am like about rares as this blog really doesn't do the passion I have for them justice. At first it started off with Storm Peaks. Unfortunately no Skoll. Moving onto Zul'Drak and... nothing... No Gondria or Silithid (See what I did there?) for him to tame. 2 more options left, and in my eyes, the hardest ones of the 4 Spirit Beasts to date. Arcturis, Grizzly Hills, go! But still, no Spirit Beast! Could be that I forgot to put some [Zuk'n'nuke Cologne] on before going and checking for these beauties, this making them all flee in terror. Last one, and the long flight from Grizzly Hills to Sholazar Basin was going to be what determines a shiny new pet or not. I start off flying from the northern spot, located near to the eagles. Nothing. Then I proceed flying to the most Northern West location, nothing still. Then, before my eyes, the Green Terror which I've had quite some history with appears!

A Wild King Krush Appears!

Frantically I start thinking which of the 4 Spirit Beasts would it be worth risking to attempt to tame this Green Monster, and unfortunately it had to be Gondria. Oh well, I'll come into contact with her again at some point (especially after having found her 32 times in the past...). Call pet, attack King Krush, Abandon pet with Bestial Wrath synched, nothing can go wrong now! Bestial Wrath wears off just a second before KK fears me... All hope is lost, but wait, the cavalry is on their way! In the distance, I spotted a Undead Warrior, coming towards KK at some speed with Rage coursing through his rotting corpse. There's 2 ways this can end, with KK dead, or my fail attempt at PvP and watch as this walking hunk of a rotting corpse takes the kill, thus making this KK sighting, yet another fail attempt. I take no chances, leaping like a mad man at the Undead, in a relentless attempt at killing him. Success! Now to find out a way to actually tame King Krush. The Cavalry arrives, equipped with heals, fear wards and extra security from the Horde. Everything seems perfect now! The taming begins... 18 seconds... 17 seconds... 16 seconds... for what feels an eternity until 9 seconds... Fear -> Immune! All looks good! 3 seconds... 2 seconds... 1.5 seconds... 1 second... 0.5 seconds... DING! I have never felt so much revenge in all my life as to finally taming this beast. The past encounters looked something like this...
  • First Sighting: Level 76, roaming about Sholazar Basin, questing and being a general noob then boom, there KK is, try tame it and fail obviously. Blood Elf Paladin then kills it.
  • Second Sighting: Level 80, strong attempt at solo taming it, but still fails miserably
  • Third Sighting: Dead already...
  • Fourth Sighting: Gave up taming and killed it as the last one on my Frostbitten List.
  • Fifth Sighting: Another strong attempt at taming it, ends with a Dreanei Shaman flying down, after seeing me struggle to tame it and proceed to kill it...
  • Sixth Sighting: Successful Tame!
Those sightings are all times I have been on with Zukiji. I have met it several other times on other characters, mainly my Death Knight for some reason.

Extremely happy and excited with this new tame! A very hard one to get indeed and the thanks go out to:


P.S. The Armory has had an awesome make-over, allowing us to actually look at our characters in a 3D perspective! Here's a quick glimpse at how it looks when posted on a blog etc:

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hacked off.

I warned him, I tried to persuade him but no, stubborn Eetio didn't give in to the whole 'Authenticator = Security' malarky and has officially been hacked. All is good though, he's going to be getting his stuff back and we found out who the hacker was so they should be getting their account permanently banned soon! Plus, finally Eetio's gave in and has adopted his own Core Hound Pup, that's right, he's now officially using an Authenticator (Mine to be precise ;D) Ok, so what the hell do you care? My brother got hacked for some obscure reason, and now he has to pay by waiting a week on his chars gear etc to be replaced, well the same could happen to you guys if you don't adopt an Authenticator today! Think about it, you could have played on that account, worked hard on a few characters for a few years and what is £6 to ensuring your account is safe? Exactly :D and you get a awesome little Core Hound Pup to go with it!

There are a few places to get your own personal Authenticator, the main one is the Blizzard Store located in the link >here<. If however you use a iPhone (and possibly an iPod Touch) you can download a free version of the Authenticator which will also come with the Core Hound Pup! It's a win win situation!

On a side note, Eetio has asked me to premote his new Jewelcrafting business in an attempt to try and make back his 17k gold within a few days, and so far, it's looking pretty good! Here's the low down:
  • Location: Dalaran South Bank
  • Realm: Agamaggan EU
  • Name: Eetio's 1337 Cutz
  • Time: Whenever he's alive (23 hours a day)


Thursday, 7 January 2010


Slightly different post today giving a insight to my pet collection on Zukiji. Now, to follow which ones I have etc, I use this website, which you can also find in the links panel to your right named WarcraftPets.com. It's a real fun site where you can track pets, talk with other pet collectors and get a bit of help in terms of your pet collection with a simple click. I personally have set up trades in the past with a Horde dude, who was also after some Alliance only pets, namely the Argent Tournament ones. Here's how my collection looks at the moment, and it's a pretty big one in my eyes!

I'd also like to mention that on this website it states that I have the most amount of pets on Agamaggan, there are a few things to consider here.
  1. Skellibjalla actually has more than me, and I want to keep it that way as they are a great friend and pet collector also! :D
  2. Not everyone uses this website to track their pets.
  3. Despite 2, if you were to collect an insane number of pets, you would of heard of this site at some point, and therefore made an account to track it.
  4. Yes, this picture is of my pet collection, but what about the other pets? Like the Collectors Edition for Vanilla and BC? Well you can also exclude these from your list, showing that you do not intend to get these pets (due to costs on e-bay etc)

That's all about pets today, next time I update, I'll try talk about mounts etc! :)