Thursday, 31 December 2009

Final Spirit Beast, Sapphiron

Over the past couple of days, Frenzyfever has managed to bag himself 2 of the 4 Spirit Beasts. This is an incredible feat of persistence and determination towards this rare collection, but finally, Frenzyfever has managed to tame Loque'nahak! Arguably the most elusive and hardest one of the 4 to tame, this completing his collection! Congratulations to Frenzyfever! :D Was a good job we stayed up them extra 10 minutes after a sneaky Zul'Gurub run ;)

Sapphiron... We have all bested Naxxramas and lived to tell the tale, however... To celebrate New Years, the guild got together for one last raid of 2009, and being that most people have been out celebrating the festivities, we thought it would be a great idea to try and 5 man a Raid boss... Good idea right? Right! So we went ahead and attempted Anub'rekhan, which ultimately failed. After this, what else could we try, for shits and giggles obviously! Sapphiron... The fight lasted a good 10-15 minutes, no deaths and no frost resistence. It was EPIC! Below is a picture of the members who took part, good job guys!:

As you may have also noticed, Frenzyfever is now Alliance and has joined our Guild! Tis' good news all 'round and great to have you dude! :)


Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Frenzy strikes again!

On Tuesday, I posted some great news that Frenzyfever has managed to bag himself Arcturis! Before this, he had Gondria already tamed, so would now only require Skoll and Loque'nahak. Well, good news! As I was surveying the area of Storm Peaks (due to waiting on a bloody Pit of Saron to pop up) macro's at the ready, as always and BOOM! There he was in his electric glory, Skoll, the third Spirit Beast to be implemented, and the first one to not actually have the skin of a Kitty. Frantically spammed %T%T%T%T%T%T%T%T%T%T%T to Frenzyfever's Shaman to find he was AFK! Ahh crap... How else could I get in touch with him? Thankfully, I talk occasionally with his sister 'Nightsabor' who happened to be online at the time, and very much not afk, so she rapidly informed him about the news, and off he flew, directly to my location! :) Here is a picture of the taming in action:

As a side note, but relevant in it's own rights, I'd like to thank Nightsabor again for taking me through Sethekk Halls on Zukiji in an attempt for the Raven Lord, still means a lot to me, and it's what got me to pull my fingers out and make a decent Druid myself. Thank you <3

Happy new year guys!


Tuesday, 29 December 2009

"Leaking with Happiness"

A couple of weeks back I posted a picture of a fellow Hunter on Agamaggan named 'Frenzyfever' after he successfully tamed Gondria! Me and him tend to talk with each other about all sorts of things, but Hunter news, mainly Spirit Beasts, are normally top on our list, and after several personal sightings of Arcturis, he informed me that he was also going to go for it! After hours of stress, perseverance and research, thankfully he managed to tame Arcturis last night while actually getting ganked by some dumb alliance. This is pretty impressive news, and I wish all the best for him and his new Spectral Companion! Also, good news for us both is that his character 'Frenzyfever' is scheduled for some heavy plastic surgery, that's right, he's going Alliance! This will really help us get in touch with each other about all sorts of stuffs! Again, major congratulations to him on taming this heavily Elusive beast in it's early introduction to Azeroth!


On a side note, I have been thinking alot recently about the 100 Companion achievement, if it would ever be implemented and if so, what would be the reward? Well after a quick google search, I found this blue post from almost half a year ago!

Pretty interesting news for collectors all around. I'll be sure to post when further news becomes available so stick around.


p.s. The 'Leaking with Happiness' quote is actually from Frenzy himself, though it's origin came about whilst confusing lowbies into getting flagged for PvP! Actual Genious! ;D

Sunday, 27 December 2009

...and a Happy New year!

Has been a pretty epic Christmas personally this year, finally got myself a new Mountain Bike, loads of other cool shit, a Snooker Table and Guess Who:Pokémon Edition. Win! (Yes, I am an adult now, 20 in January, but Pokémon Guess who is too epic for words, trust me!) Aside from the festivities, which, for me have been a quick 'HAI I R CRIMBO, GOODBY!' due to working Boxing Day, today, and scheduled to work tomorrow, it has been a good laugh, and a success :D

Now... World of Warcraft's Winter Veil. Got off to a great start, completed the remaining Achievements on Zukiji for the Violet Proto Drake, then, that same day Finished off Less-Rabi on Luxray, resulting in a Red Proto Drake. After all this was done, I really haven't done anything of major interest other than try and get more of an Insight to the respawn timers of Arcturis, which if I have to say, seem completely randomized at the moment :S So far, since December 15th, I have found Arcturis in the single known location 4 extra times, bringing my total sightings up to 5. Now this is good news if you happen to be:
  1. Online as he's there
  2. Know me and my obsession for this sort of thing
  3. Realize that if you aren't online, I will kill it/ do a /who Grizzly Hills and see if there are any other Hunters around, so make sure you are ;)
The 5th Sighting came across just 15 minutes ago, which is a bit of a bummer as a friend of mine has been trying to get this beast for his Dad's lvl 74 BM Hunter had logged out literally 10 minutes before hand. Although, I actually didn't kill it this time, so I personally have 3 of the Leather Chests still, instead of 4 :) Hopefully his Dad logged on just to quickly check just after I logged ;D
Greatfather Winter... Ok, well 2007 saw people being given a Clockwork Robot pet, which in my eyes is too cool for words, really really want it (I wasn't online in 2007, I started playing mere 2 weeks after the event finished) which fires rockets at each other, and would have bumped my pet collection up to 116 at present. 2008 saw us getting a miniature 'Wowhead Rocket' which was good fun, and still is! But 2009... Thank you Greatfather Winter for a pretty rubbish BB Gun :( Ok, I may sound like an ungrateful little kid, but seriously, I really don't like this years secret gift. It has 200 uses, no Feat of Strength for it as there was one with the previous 2 years presents and the use of it is pretty limited. I was personally hoping for something a little more cool like a Remote Control Helicopter which you can shoot each other down with, much like the Steam Tonk Controllers, and with the whole Mr.T thing going on at the moment, it would seem a little more fitting, but meh, one can dream :)

Anywhoo, has been a pretty cool Christmas overall despite the BB Gun QQ and the lack of stuffs to do, but thankfully my brother introduced me to a game, which at first seems completely pointless, but give it 5 or 10 minutes, and it's the most addicted thing ever... Minecraft! All in all:

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


Tuesday, 15 December 2009

It's a Proto Drake Christmas!

Woot! After a full year of World Events, Patches, a new Expansion and more to follow, Zukiji has finally managed to obtain the achievement 'What a Long, Strange trip it has been!' with the attached mount, [Reins of the Violet Proto Drake]! A 310% mount for Cataclysm is going to help quite a bit ;)

Also, finally after all the hard work trying to get good groups for 'Less-Rabi', me and Eetio managed to bag ourselves the [Reins of the Red Proto Drake] today!

2 Proto drakes in 1 day, not bad I guess? ;)


Sunday, 13 December 2009

Fall of the Lich King, Lowdown!

So, I haven't made a post since the day prior to patch 3.3.0, and with good reason too. The new LFG system is actually amazing... I'm addicted to WoW all over again! My previously untouched alts are finally brimming with energy again, using the new LFG system to full advantage. Anywhoo, I'll do a lowdown and talk about what I've been up to recently with 3.3.0.

Yup! I managed to bag this incredible looking Spirit Beast Realm First after waiting all day on patch day for him to spawn, at 23:01, same time Gondria Spawned for me in 3.1, he appeared! So far, there have been a few whispers and questions based on location of this beast and what he is exactly, well yes, he's a Spirit Beast so he can Prowl, plus he knows Spirit Strike (Moonfire for Pets) and comes complete with the PvE spec talent tree. Despite all this, you have to be Beast Master specced in order to tame it, and that's normally a bad thing for people who tend to Raid as it's not exactly the best one to pick at present. eeek!

Since taming this beast, I have seen it once where a level 74 Blood Elf Paladin was killing it, unaware that it's the new shiny beast for Hunters. After I saw this, I quickly made a Horde alt and talked to him about it, he felt kinda bad as about 5 other people have been trying to get it recently (mainly horde) and the drop (which was a melee dps leather chest) isn't useful for him, so he vendored it... Ahh wells, not exactly the end of the world, but still, kinda sucks when this sort of thing happens.

Perky Pug:
Woot! Thanks to the LFG System, after having grouped with 100 different people using the 'Look for Random Heroic Dungeon' option, I managed to bag myself this little dude! Now, Breanni has started to sell an Albino Snake and a Calico Cat, but when will she supply Dog Wormer? When you guys get this, you'll know what I mean ;)

Main problem after I obtained this pet is that I got him on Luxray, so Zukiji is dogless at the moment. Working on it though ;)

Core Hound Pup:
Booyah! Possibly one of the coolest things for me is this molten dude, ensuring my account is safe and sound! But seriously, this is a great way to show that your safe and sound, and that your account, no matter what happens, will always be in the original person's hands.

The Lich King:
Not everyone will be geared enough to be able to encounter this guy themselves in the Citadel, but thankfully, Blizzard has allowed everyone who hit's level 80 to progress through the 3 sections of the Icecrown Dungeons, finally leading to The Lich King himself! I won't unveil anything else, though most people out there have already encountered and bested the event, but it's Epic! The dungeons start to get hard at the beginning of the third one. Lots of ghosts, souls and scary shit in stock along with powerful entities that are within the Lich King's grasp.

As a side note, the Achievement under the Arcturis picture obviously isn't real, but some people have asked me silly things as follows:

[W:from][Random]: Oh hai d00d! I herd yu gut first taim on Arktooriss?!!1onee!!!
[W:to][Random]: Yeh dude! He's pretty cool ain't he! :D
[W:from][Random]: YES link achi plees
[W:to][Random]: Pardon? Which achievement would you be talking about? :D
[W:from][Random]: 4 taimin heem
[W:to][Random]: Ahhh, I get ya, well there isn't an achievement for taming anything Server first, as to be honest, how would a Warrior be able to get this? ;D It would be cool if they implemented it though, as a new set named 'Class Achievements' where you get them based on your class for doing specific things, and only, in our case, Hunters will get spammed with the Achievement of a Server First tame :)
[W:from][Random]: k, i see, i haff to go find this noaw thnk yu 4 the help :O
[W:to][Random]: No problem dude! :)


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Patch Day 3.3.0 - Fall of the Lich King

Double post seems necessary just to recap over everything we will be seeing tomorrow, with the main one for me, and many Spirit Beast Hunters alike, Arcturis!

New Instances!
  • Icecrown Citadel: 5 Man Dungeon built up of 3 Wings with an interesting Quest item which starts the Quel'Delar Quest chain.
  • Icecrown Citadel [Raid]: 10/25 Man, Normal and Hard Mode Raid, finally facing us against the Lich King!
New Pets!
  • Albino Snake: Sold by Breanni in Dalaran
  • Calico Cat: Sold by Breanni in Dalaran
  • Perky Pug: Obtained for using the new LFG tool with 100 Pugged people.
  • Raptor Pets: Now Obtained through the Nests which will spawn around the locations of the Corresponding Rares as the Rare mobs no longer drop the Pet.
Built in Quest Tracker!
  • Tracks quests in terms of where the item/mob can be found.
  • Map has been updated to accommodate this change.
  • Quests also show the amount of Experience/Rep that will be obtained at the end of it.
New Fishing Event!
  • Located in Borean Tundra, at the same time and date as the Stranglethorn Vale fishing event.
  • What it requires is catching a Blacktip Shark, which apparently prefer to hang about Pygmy Suckerfish and can be only caught in pools.
  • Rewards include an Heirloom Ring, giving an extra 5% Experience gain for new chars, or a Pair of Fishing Boots which provide a direct port to Booty Bay.
Weekly Raid Quests!
  • Each week, we will be able to pick up the 'Weekly Raid Quest' which takes the position of the original Daily Heroic (As the reward is now obtained from just using the new LFG option)
  • You will be rewarded with around 35gold and 10 Emblems of Frost for killing one of the Raid Bosses selected for you that week.
Ashen Verdict!
  • For those of you guys prepared for Icecrown Raid, there's a new Reputation to go with them, much like with Black Temple and the Ashtongue Deathsworn.
  • Depending on your standing, you will be able to purchase upgradable rings from them. A 200g payment can be made to switch between types of ring (Tanking Ring ---> Healer Ring)
  • Following the tradition of a new Spirit Beast per patch, Arcturis, the Spectral Bear makes his appearence in Grizzly Hills.
  • Lowest level Spirit Beast to date, at level 74.
  • More info on this guy on previous post located >here<.

I've probably missed out a LOT of information, but these are the things for me which kinda stand out. Also the Misdirection change for Hunters is going to be INSANE! Bring on the Extra AoE Tanking aggro! Take care guys, and happy 3.3.0! :D


P.S. New information on the Core Hound Pup! For everyone who has an Authenticator connected to their accounts. Another reason to make sure you pick one of these up to ensure your account is safe. I like to think of it as another pet, which can be bought off the Blizzard Store that acts like your own personal Guard Dog! But yeh, Core Hounds inc! :D


Grubthor, yes Grubthor. What the hell is a Grubthor? Well for about 90% of the Population who play WoW who coulden't give 2 craps about a Hunter pet which looks like 'every other one' in game, then Speak to ya later, mainly down to this being a Hunter Post! ;D So, Grubthor, what is it? Well, I've been playing my Druid a HELL of a lot more than my Hunter recently, and that means I've logged my hunter, on average, for about a minute per week due to personal reasons, but while Hunting for the endless scriptures of Twilight Texts down in Silithus (No, I'm not on about Vampires or Werewolves or whatever the hell Twilight the recent film is about) for Cenarion Circle rep, I managed to stumble across this guy, Grubthor, a Rare Worm which is GOLD! Now, I read about this guy a few months back and thought that one day I intend to go out and bag him for myself, just, I have never got around to doing it, and now I'm farming mobs in Silithus for Rep, what better time than now? Off I went, daily scavenge of Text pick ups to hand ins for the 3rd day in a row forgetting completely about Grubthor until I actually ran into him, half asleep, by accident.

Logged Zukiji in an attempt to tame this Golden Benevolent Living Stick of beauty, so off I went. Portal to Sholozar Basin, check. Flying mount at the ready for portal to Un'Goro, check. Off we go! I got to the location, ready to tame it, and record this event as I have wanted this guy for some time now and I actually couldn't find it... until... BOOM! There he is! :D For a couple of seconds, I swore that it had despawned, but thank god, he decided to wait for good ol' Zuk! Very excited about this pet, got a lot in store for it, and I intend to keep it as my main Leveling Pet for Cataclysm!

A link to the original post which influenced me to find this guy can be found below on the link provided.

-Zuk (Gonna finish posts now like this ;) )

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Work work.

Busy busy busy. Haven't been on as much as I'd want to mainly due to a little thing called 'Photography at University'. Soooo much work to do it's insane! Ahhh wells, only 1 more week (I think) of it to go then I'll BOOM update you with everything I've got/done/accomplished in the World of Azeroth...

Patch 3.3.0 seems to be very very close, I mean, this Wednesday close possibly ;) Good news for everyone who has a level 80 as all the Emblems that drop in instances will now be Triumphs (T9 within 2-3 days without raiding much?). New 5 man instances with the Quel'Delar quest chain sounds ACE as do the rewards, much want ;)

Quick update in terms of Anzu Farming: Nothing still... Eetio decided to get a group for Karazhan shortly after the run (or it could have been an AQ run, I forget...) so off we went to the castle of ZOMFG. First boss, mount drop... Will upload a picture soon, but sure enough, the Reins of the Fiery Warhorse dropped, and guess who won it? Eetio xD Makes up for the constant disappointment with Raven Lord I suppose ;)