Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The QQ post

Firstly, I'd like to remind everyone that there's only 1 day left for the Spirit Beast poll. After which I'll make a fully detailed post on the winning one for you guys to find out more about it! (Please don't be Gondria... Please don't be Gondria...)

Okidokes! So the QQ post. There's 2 things I'm talking about today, drop rates and PvP realms. Firstly, PvP realms (and a pretty decent tie in with drop rates). I came across this major problem when this kewl kid decided to camp my ass for around half an hour straight. Now, fair enough, I moved to a PvP server with full intention of doing so, and knowing what I'd get myself in for all year round whether it be levelling or doing the World Events. My more recent hardcore grind of the Hyacinth Macaw began and off I ran, killing pirate after pirate after pirate. Nothing, not even a blue. Ahh wells, it will drop soon, right? Then out of no-where, some crazy PvP priest turns up and destroys the living hell out of me. Fair enough, you got me, and you yourself was probably going to be grinding the pet, so the better man won. Off I went to res up and lolwtf? He's just standing above my corpse, no pirate kills or whatnot. He's doing this as revenge for something, but what? I res up, rocket boots away and hide under water for a good couple of minutes with my Deepsea Helmet equipped. After getting a quick bite to eat and a drink (IRL) I proceed with the farming. Pirate, boom dead. Pirate, boom dead. Pirate, boom dead. Dwarf, boom dead. Oh wait? He's back! Crap... Same again, run off with rocket boots and submerge self for best results! Most of you guys reading would have probably played with me in game at some point and know how much I suck balls at PvP, so this wasn't going to end pretty for me, considering how well geared the Priest was. Ahh wells, here's a screenshot of his final killing blow to me with a little of what I thought at the time.

Right, drop rates... Major QQ has ensued from me recently about the Battered Hilt drop rate. Fair enough, it may only drop for you once in your lifetime and if it does drop and your roll doesn't exactly come out on top, don't worry, because another one will drop for you again 'Soon' and by 'Soon' I mean in around a years time... x) Seriously, this thing is damn rare. Up until yesterday, I personally had never seen the thing dropped on any of my level 80s. Each day I'd proceed to do both Forge of Souls and Pit of Saron (Halls of Reflection, no thnx ;D ) on both my Hunter and my Druid (and rarely on my Death Knight) and I still never saw it drop until this happened...
Yeh, epic freak out. Every 1 or 2 minutes, I had to keep checking my inventory just to double, triple and quadruple make sure that it wasn't all an illusion. A few things have been going through my mind as I got it, mainly 'If I sold it for around 12,000g, I could afford 3 more mounts and enough to level my Tailoring enough on Zukiji to get both of those mounts, bumping me up to 97 with only 3 to go', and 'If I was to use it, I could get that damn shiny blade on Zukiji, or the one handed mace on Luxray for Resto, or even the 2h mace on Luxray for Tanking'. So yeh, a bit of controversy. If anyones got any idea what I should do with it, considering I am trying my hardest to get 100 mounts before Cataclysm, post a comment in the comments section below if possible. Many thanks!

Woot! Birthday tomorrow :DD sorry, getting a little excited...



  1. Love getting comments, even if I can't read them! Just shows people appreciate it etc :) Thanks again <3