Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Class Change Info

Ok, let's be honest, who really wants to hear my voice on the Class Changes? ;)

The information has been out for a week and a bit now and I'll give you an epic brief description of each one's thoughts I've come up with (Holy crap, bad english much? XD)

Hunter - ZOMFG More Stable Slots and Camouflage! :O
Druids - Interested in the Resto changes, although a little worried... x) It'll be finee!! :D
Mage - Hang on, a Time Warp and a wall of icy doom along with a ball of fire... Holy crap...
Death Knight - 'Yeh, thanks for that spell mate, now, lets see if your best mate who's levelling alongside you likes it... in the face... This is from you dude.' Sounds pretty fun fun ;)
Warrior - Heroic Leap! zomfg.
Paladin - Blinding Shield? Blinding win. Their own personal Guardian, HOLY BISCUIT! :D
Priest - 'Lol, check out the dumbass standing in the fire again... Gimme 2 secs, GET HERE YOU IDIOT!.. gdgd...' Inverted Death Grip ftw
Rogue - /fart GET IN MA LINE o' SIgHT! :D
Shaman - Casting while running... No fair! :(
Warlock - Something about the lock and the Demon becoming one fecking Transformer? :O

Yeh, so there's actually what I thought on the new information for classes etc. Exactly, heavily in depth and brimming with useful information... x) Possibly the complete Opposite of what I just said, but what can ya do?! ;)

For full information on class changes, abilities and little more nifty info, check out MMO-Champion in the link below.


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