Saturday, 3 July 2010

Aotona, Bird of Prey

After much thought, I just had to go back after Aotona once again. After abandoning her some time back for Arcturis to complete my 'BM only Stable' I have kinda regretted it, and since have released a few Spirit Beasts in order to tame a PvE pet (Wolf) and a PvP pet as of recent (Spider). However, the spider (Terror Spinner) didn't really have a lasting impression as Aotona used to have on me, so with a few sightings from friends, telling me they had seen her recently, I just had to go out and tame this giant bird once again! Lo and behold, she's mine again, and this time, it's permanent! :)

Waiting now on the 20+ stables we're promised for Cataclysm in order to get back on the hunt for the rarest of beasts and whatnot :)

Working on a Sig for ya Zeo by the way! :) Hopefully will be pew pew ;)


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