Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Recruit a Friend... NOW!

Today, the Recruit a Friend has been updated so if you have a mount that still needs redeeming, get yaself a 2 seater rocket! Yeh, that means the Zhevra is unfortunately unobtainable anymore so you guys who have one, feel lucky you've got a retired mount! :)

If I'm correct, in order to get this mount, say for yourself with no-one else to link to, you have to firstly make a brand new account, link them together using some e-mail and then purchase a copy of the game's CD key then purchase 2 months of credit *pant pant* after all this you should be eligible to redeem your rocket mount on a selected character of your choice. In total, this single mount would probably set you back around £30, maybe less, if your intentions are to do it all by yourself. Now for £30, I wouldn't actually be too sure which character to redeem this pretty impressive thing on... Hmmm. Ahh wells, I spent £13 less on an Account Wide mount anyways ;D

/pat Celestial Steed

If you do however have a friend who needs introducing into World of Warcraft, what better time than now! :)

Next up, Lil'X.T.! God, I hate being a sucker for Blizzard's shiny things...


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Class Change Info

Ok, let's be honest, who really wants to hear my voice on the Class Changes? ;)

The information has been out for a week and a bit now and I'll give you an epic brief description of each one's thoughts I've come up with (Holy crap, bad english much? XD)

Hunter - ZOMFG More Stable Slots and Camouflage! :O
Druids - Interested in the Resto changes, although a little worried... x) It'll be finee!! :D
Mage - Hang on, a Time Warp and a wall of icy doom along with a ball of fire... Holy crap...
Death Knight - 'Yeh, thanks for that spell mate, now, lets see if your best mate who's levelling alongside you likes it... in the face... This is from you dude.' Sounds pretty fun fun ;)
Warrior - Heroic Leap! zomfg.
Paladin - Blinding Shield? Blinding win. Their own personal Guardian, HOLY BISCUIT! :D
Priest - 'Lol, check out the dumbass standing in the fire again... Gimme 2 secs, GET HERE YOU IDIOT!.. gdgd...' Inverted Death Grip ftw
Rogue - /fart GET IN MA LINE o' SIgHT! :D
Shaman - Casting while running... No fair! :(
Warlock - Something about the lock and the Demon becoming one fecking Transformer? :O

Yeh, so there's actually what I thought on the new information for classes etc. Exactly, heavily in depth and brimming with useful information... x) Possibly the complete Opposite of what I just said, but what can ya do?! ;)

For full information on class changes, abilities and little more nifty info, check out MMO-Champion in the link below.


Thursday, 15 April 2010

Celestial Steed

That's right, after a grueling hour or so of waiting for the Queue to go down from over 60+ thousand people also purchasing the same mount, I finally bagged it! Now, the use of the word 'grueling' there obviously an understatement, though sarcasm seems to not transfer well onto typed up words ;D Little upset that it's become a mount available to everyone, but at the same time, love the fact that we can actually get the bloody thing and don't have to be hardcore raiding 25 mans on heroic, or dedicating hours and hours on Arena, so all in all, very happy with this option!

As for the Class Change evaluation by me, ermm, yehh, work in progress, yehh, that'll do! :D Next post, promise! :)


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Sindragosa -Queen of the Frostbrood-

As you can imagine, a little more excited to post about this than I was about the Princes Kill, but woh... When we first stepped foot into Sindragosa's area, our hearts were in our mouth's with anticipation. Not only had we just got 2 new bosses down which previously we struggled for, but now, we were only 1 boss away from the Lich King himself...
I seem to be posting a lot more about raiding than I am about Hunter related things, which is a sign that good ol' Zukiji is aging, and from some cataclysmic event, may even change from a Dwarf to a Human, though stay tuned for confirmation on that!

Couple of Hunter related shizzness now. Zukiji's stables are now very much Beast Mastery friendly, being full with BM only pets! 4 of which are the Unique Skinned Spirit Beasts, with King Krush as a 'Tag-along' ;D Despite not actually being able to use my stable in Marksman at all now, I'm still very pleased with the state it's in so far. Next on the Agenda, renaming those who need it!

I'm going to make a post later on, maybe even within the next few minutes of this one going out about my personal opinions to the Class Changes which have been shown across various WoW related websites. In the eyes of Lord Marrowgar; 'Stick aroounnndd.... BOOONNEEESTOOORRRMMM!!!1!!11!!!one!!!'


Friday, 9 April 2010

Good news everyone!

That's right, we managed to do Putricide for the first time a week or two back and since, we've killed him yet again! Things are looking good for us! :D The screenshot above is of the first kill and unfortunately was taken shortly after Putricide's corpse actually despawned.

Well, has been a few weeks since I've actually posted here so I'll enlighten you guys on a few more updates in teh community so far! It was april first little over a week ago now and blizzard gave us all a race change, at a expensive cost, being deemed as a ninja... I'm only kidding! We all got changed into Tuskarr's on the Armory with some pretty humorous flavor text to go alongside things obtained recently.

Since we did that OS10 3D zerg, we've only done it once since in which Xeonoth won the mount roll, again! :D Congratulations to him again on his new shinyy drake :) On the same night of the epic win loot fest, my staff for Luxray finally dropped :O Xeo's tanking bracers finally dropped :O and Eetio's tanking neck finally dropped also! :O

Alllsssooooooooo!!!!! Classe Changed for Cataclysm should be announced for both Hunter, Druid and Mage today! :D Woooot ;)