Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Sindragosa -Queen of the Frostbrood-

As you can imagine, a little more excited to post about this than I was about the Princes Kill, but woh... When we first stepped foot into Sindragosa's area, our hearts were in our mouth's with anticipation. Not only had we just got 2 new bosses down which previously we struggled for, but now, we were only 1 boss away from the Lich King himself...
I seem to be posting a lot more about raiding than I am about Hunter related things, which is a sign that good ol' Zukiji is aging, and from some cataclysmic event, may even change from a Dwarf to a Human, though stay tuned for confirmation on that!

Couple of Hunter related shizzness now. Zukiji's stables are now very much Beast Mastery friendly, being full with BM only pets! 4 of which are the Unique Skinned Spirit Beasts, with King Krush as a 'Tag-along' ;D Despite not actually being able to use my stable in Marksman at all now, I'm still very pleased with the state it's in so far. Next on the Agenda, renaming those who need it!

I'm going to make a post later on, maybe even within the next few minutes of this one going out about my personal opinions to the Class Changes which have been shown across various WoW related websites. In the eyes of Lord Marrowgar; 'Stick aroounnndd.... BOOONNEEESTOOORRRMMM!!!1!!11!!!one!!!'


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