Friday, 9 April 2010

Good news everyone!

That's right, we managed to do Putricide for the first time a week or two back and since, we've killed him yet again! Things are looking good for us! :D The screenshot above is of the first kill and unfortunately was taken shortly after Putricide's corpse actually despawned.

Well, has been a few weeks since I've actually posted here so I'll enlighten you guys on a few more updates in teh community so far! It was april first little over a week ago now and blizzard gave us all a race change, at a expensive cost, being deemed as a ninja... I'm only kidding! We all got changed into Tuskarr's on the Armory with some pretty humorous flavor text to go alongside things obtained recently.

Since we did that OS10 3D zerg, we've only done it once since in which Xeonoth won the mount roll, again! :D Congratulations to him again on his new shinyy drake :) On the same night of the epic win loot fest, my staff for Luxray finally dropped :O Xeo's tanking bracers finally dropped :O and Eetio's tanking neck finally dropped also! :O

Alllsssooooooooo!!!!! Classe Changed for Cataclysm should be announced for both Hunter, Druid and Mage today! :D Woooot ;)



  1. ZAETIX here, just saying hi :) nice to see your guild has gotten much better and progressed very nicely. "Smell ya later" xD

  2. Cheers dude :D Yehh, we're doing great at the moment, hopefully will be face to face with the Lich King within the next few weeks/months! Tis all exciting! :)