Thursday, 14 January 2010

King Krush

As some of you may know, I've had a lot of downs with this beast, mainly due to not being able to tame it as it either kills me or casts that stupid fear ability. Well today I decided to help out a fellow guild member of Paradox, yes, that's right, I'm finally in Paradox after much talk some time ago with the Guild Leader, but only on Zukiji at the present moment of time. Anyway, back on topic! I decided to help a fellow guild member try and tame a Spirit Beast. If you don't know me in game, then you may not know what I am like about rares as this blog really doesn't do the passion I have for them justice. At first it started off with Storm Peaks. Unfortunately no Skoll. Moving onto Zul'Drak and... nothing... No Gondria or Silithid (See what I did there?) for him to tame. 2 more options left, and in my eyes, the hardest ones of the 4 Spirit Beasts to date. Arcturis, Grizzly Hills, go! But still, no Spirit Beast! Could be that I forgot to put some [Zuk'n'nuke Cologne] on before going and checking for these beauties, this making them all flee in terror. Last one, and the long flight from Grizzly Hills to Sholazar Basin was going to be what determines a shiny new pet or not. I start off flying from the northern spot, located near to the eagles. Nothing. Then I proceed flying to the most Northern West location, nothing still. Then, before my eyes, the Green Terror which I've had quite some history with appears!

A Wild King Krush Appears!

Frantically I start thinking which of the 4 Spirit Beasts would it be worth risking to attempt to tame this Green Monster, and unfortunately it had to be Gondria. Oh well, I'll come into contact with her again at some point (especially after having found her 32 times in the past...). Call pet, attack King Krush, Abandon pet with Bestial Wrath synched, nothing can go wrong now! Bestial Wrath wears off just a second before KK fears me... All hope is lost, but wait, the cavalry is on their way! In the distance, I spotted a Undead Warrior, coming towards KK at some speed with Rage coursing through his rotting corpse. There's 2 ways this can end, with KK dead, or my fail attempt at PvP and watch as this walking hunk of a rotting corpse takes the kill, thus making this KK sighting, yet another fail attempt. I take no chances, leaping like a mad man at the Undead, in a relentless attempt at killing him. Success! Now to find out a way to actually tame King Krush. The Cavalry arrives, equipped with heals, fear wards and extra security from the Horde. Everything seems perfect now! The taming begins... 18 seconds... 17 seconds... 16 seconds... for what feels an eternity until 9 seconds... Fear -> Immune! All looks good! 3 seconds... 2 seconds... 1.5 seconds... 1 second... 0.5 seconds... DING! I have never felt so much revenge in all my life as to finally taming this beast. The past encounters looked something like this...
  • First Sighting: Level 76, roaming about Sholazar Basin, questing and being a general noob then boom, there KK is, try tame it and fail obviously. Blood Elf Paladin then kills it.
  • Second Sighting: Level 80, strong attempt at solo taming it, but still fails miserably
  • Third Sighting: Dead already...
  • Fourth Sighting: Gave up taming and killed it as the last one on my Frostbitten List.
  • Fifth Sighting: Another strong attempt at taming it, ends with a Dreanei Shaman flying down, after seeing me struggle to tame it and proceed to kill it...
  • Sixth Sighting: Successful Tame!
Those sightings are all times I have been on with Zukiji. I have met it several other times on other characters, mainly my Death Knight for some reason.

Extremely happy and excited with this new tame! A very hard one to get indeed and the thanks go out to:


P.S. The Armory has had an awesome make-over, allowing us to actually look at our characters in a 3D perspective! Here's a quick glimpse at how it looks when posted on a blog etc:

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