Sunday, 14 March 2010

Still here!

That's right guys, I'm still here, just replaying the most recent events over in my head from both Final Fantasy XIII and the more exciting news for our Guild in WoW 'Back in Action'.

Progression started off pretty slow and ended in the guild managing to do a few bosses in the first Quarter of ICC. This doesn't sound like very appealing news as over half the servers now are probably pugging their way up to Putricide (Possibly x)) but as a guild, using everything we possibly could, we have managed to get a pretty solid team together and have surpassed Rotface and finally, the benevolent Festergut (We had more troubles on Festergut due to DPS reasons, but we managed to get him down eventually with many cheers from those who have spent a great deal of time and effort into this great progression so far). There are a few select guys who really stand out and I would like to do a personal shout to them for their hard work and ensuring that we will become a successful guild, and hopefully during Cataclysm, one that strives for victory! You guys undoubtedly know who you are. We have had a few problems whether it be in Guild, Raiding or in general, but we seem to overcome these and now the Roster for 'Back in Action' is looking pretty solid for 10 man Raids, which is a personal preference of mine! Our loot system makes sense and ensures those who intend to stay with us, will agree with the rules and work as hard as they can to ensure their position as a Raider.

Back when the guild was named 'Lost in Action', we had a nice group going for Ulduar 10 man Progression, and it's humble to say, that 'Back in Action' is heading back in that direction!


As for Final Fantasy XIII... Holy crap, that game is damn shiny to look at! x) The battle system is simple at first, but eventually you have to start to use your head a little instead of just bashing 'Auto-Attack' all the time. The main thing I'm worried about at the moment is the lack of major Side Missions/Quests as there was in previous Final Fantasies (Chocobo Treasure Hunt and Tetra Master in FFIX, Blitzball and Monster Catching for the Arena in FFX are a few examples) but at the moment, I'm seeing it as a roller-coaster ride, one way to go, and multiple levels of difficulty but at the same time, a pretty epic experience!

Little odd me talking about something other than WoW, but hey, it's a damn good game and has kept me off my computer for the first time in a while! Next thing you'll probably hear me talk about is Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver! x) (Damn I want them so bad right now... fucking pokémon obsession...) Ah wells, until next time guys!


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