Monday, 18 January 2010

New mount, new pet!

With only 8 more mounts to go, each one is becoming a bit of a challenge in it's own rights to obtain on Zukiji until the final 100 mark, and a few days back (I didn't update due to actual excitement that I managed to get it) Zukiji managed to obtain the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth bringing the collection up to 92. For me, this mount was a major milestone, one that now I have got this, I should be able to get the others. The main 'push' I had to get this was mainly from my brother so cheers bud! ;D I made around 8k in less than a week, and to be really honest, I actually don't know how I did it. eeek!

The new pet I managed to obtain is Snarly, the frisky little Crocolisk pet that has refused to adopt Zukiji as his owner and instead take Luxray and my lesser known Death Knight, Verex, has finally gave in and Zukiji is now the proud owner of all 4 Crocolisk pets from the 'Crocolisk in the City!' daily Quest from Old Man Barlo outside of Shattrath. This brings the pet collection up to 117, with only 1 pet now that is farmable... the Hyacinth Macaw... eeek! Below is a slightly edited picture of the 4 Crocolisk pets next to each other with the corresponding name below. Thanks again to WarcraftPets for the Croc pics :D


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