Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I'm still here, just fairly busy with a few things IRL and in game at the moment! I'll split it into a few sections:

I've been trying my hardest recently in order to gan Loremaster title on Zukiji before Cataclysm hits. Now it's not like Blizzard are going to do a ninja on us and release it within the next week or so, therefore giving me time to find the last 50 I need in Kalimdor for the title... Has been a bit of a struggle to get up to this point, but thankfully a few guildies have given me the heads up of 3 addons which work impressively well together, and are helping me get those last few! These are as follows:

EveryQuest: Enables a quick fire way to search for Quests which haven't been completed in specific areas.
LightHeaded: Direct link in the form of an addon to Comments about each Quest from Wowhead.
TomTom: Co-ordinates with an arrow directing you where to go to either finish a Quest or find a new one with LightHeaded.

These are an awesome amount of help and thankfully, I can see Loremaster being accomplished within the week possibly! :)

We're at the Lich King now and the previous 2 weeks (More so the first week) have been solid attempts at trying to get this dude down for once and for all. He's pretty tough, though we have the tactics nailed down to a pinpoint now, it's just simple really silly mistakes which are unfortunately making us fail. We'll get there in the end though!

Fun stuffs:
Typical me going out and doing fun stuffs as a was to get away from all the drama in Raiding and whatnot, I go out and farm fun stuffs, mainly mounts etc. Recently, I've seen 2 fairly rare occasions to say the least, and 1 which I tend to get quite often ;) The first rare occasion is Loque'nahak. I've seen this beast so many times now it's silly, and thankfully I helped yet another hunter tame it by the name 'Roberdenero'. If there are any Hunters on Agamaggan EU, Alliance side who wishes to get a specific Spirit Beast, seriously, give me a shout! :D Second more rare occurrence is an Orb of Deception dropped during my farm for the Razzashi Raptor farm, and the pet. This dropped off one of the Red Razzashi Raptors who also drop the pet, Razzashi Hatchling. Didn't expect it and it kinda caught me off guard due to it's elusiveness, but in any way, still very grateful to have it! The third and possibly rarest occurrence was in a Halls of Stone run... We had, finally after a year and a half of Wrath of the Lich King expansion, a [Super Simian Sphere] drop! Unfortunately I didn't win it, but just seeing it made me go 'ZOMFG ZOMFG ZOMFG!' :D

So yeh, have been fairly busy recently with stuffs, and will hopefully get back on track shortly. Also, as this blog was meant to be based mainly around Hunter pets and Rare Spawns as such, I'll try to keep you guys updated with any that I encounter, and my opinions etc.

Sorry about the slackyness! ;)



  1. I'd very much appreciate if you sent a reply, for once... in English... if not, I'm going to continue to permanently delete your posts.

  2. Gratz but at the same time not gratz? Anyways keep up the blog :D it is my only insight into the ally side of this server


  3. wait a second! Orb of deception= [Super Simian Sphere]? your image is strange also what font do you use :D


  4. Hehe, yeh, saw one of each drop, and thought I'd put them into the same image, the font I use is 'BIRTH OF A HERO' downloadable from dafonts.com :)

    The ally side of the server is starting to really dry up unfortunately, I've made a Horde alt which I am levelling and there's a possibility one of my higher level alts may be changing to Horde also! I'll give you a /w in game when I'm on him next :)

  5. I am leveling a human mage on Maghtiridon so I dont think you will see me there