Thursday, 4 February 2010


Ok, so yesterday saw the release of 3.3.2, the patch of the Lich King encounter and a few pieces of dramatic news from MMO-Champion.

Firstly, a US Guild, within hours of the patch going live had already claimed victory over the Lich King in 10 man. When I heard news of this, it was around 9:40am and there was still 20 minutes to go for the patch to be released over here in the EU! Congratulations to them, and the video is EPIC!

Secondly, Ensidia has apparently been banned for 72 hours due to an 'exploit' or whatnot during their 25 man Lich King kill. Loads of rumors are going around, saying things like 'Ensidia are possibly finished now' and 'ZOMFG teh bezt guld in teh wurld if ovArZ!?' but only time will tell. I can only hope for the best for them.

kk, Blog news! I haven't updated you guys since my 20th birthday for 2 reasons. The main one being to do with my screenshots. If I accomplish something in game that stands out to me, or I've worked hard towards, I'll post it with it's own achievement. Now the achievement's I edit onto the actual images have come from a different source via an awesome website made by 'Tural' of MMO-Champion. Unfortunately the website has temporarily been disabled for the following reason:

Really sucks when a guy like Tural makes a site like that for everyone to use then the gimps higher up in the ranks, or the 'd00dz who howztz teh srvrz yo' demand more money and suspend it due to their own greed. People suck...

The other reason for my lacky updates is the next one after the 28th of January was schedueled to be a Loque'nahak special as the bubblegum faced beauty won the poll of the favorite looking Spirit Beast! Thanks to the 26 of you guys who voted ;) The reason I haven't been able to make this update is, well, I actually cannot find her this week! In and out of Random Heroics while scouring the area for the slick beast has resulted in 0 sightings, so unless I make some fake ones or something (I want to get a screenshot of her prior to a tame for size comparison) then I'll have to postpone this one a little longer. Sorry guys!

Oh, and one final message before I go. Everyone now should be able to comment below without making a google account or whatever it's called, so if you stop by to check out the page, leave a message! They are all welcome (Except the dumbass ones obv...)



  1. Hey there Igantinos here "long"time reader first time poster :P. I promise if I see Lokblalblabla I wont kill him untill your site gets the update other then that I will be happy to be abel to comment here. GIANT BOAR GOD POWER ( that means agamaggan)

  2. @Igantinos

    Lol! Cheers dude :)) I'll be keeping a good look out for him over the next few weeks. Need to get this detailed post down tbh... And as for the Hyacinth Macaw... o_ O