Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Guild Progress.

So a couple of days back we decided to give the Blood Princes of Icecrown Citadel a good go, and unfortunately, we just wasn't getting it. Today, all renewed, we gave these guys another good shot, which resulted in fail, fail, epic fail, more fail, boss kill, loot. Wait? Boss kill?! It was as if we wasn't actually going for the kill aswell, was very very obscure, but we actually managed to do it! After which we decided to give Putricide another good go. If I recall, 38% was the best we managed, but all in all, 7/12! Anywhoo, below is a picture of the Belf assholes ;D
I'm going to add a Guild Progress bar aswell, so if you guys want to check that out to see how we are doing, then do as you please!


Primal Blessing!

Zul'Gurub is mainly farmed for around 4 or so things, which have only a benefit cosmetically. These are the 2 mounts, Raptor and Tiger, a Raptor Pet now, and finally a Polymorph spell for Mages to change Humanoids, Beasts and Critters into a Turtle! All pretty cool great things, but if you look a little deeper into the loot tables and are as obsessed with cool looking gear or gear which has epic potential to be pew pew, then there is a certain set of weapons which can only be found here! Eetio is a bit of an obsessive over gear more than mounts and pets like myself, and due to this, every time we head off to Zul'Gurub, we have to do a specific additional boss aswell in hope that the weapons drop. The first of the two can be found off the same boss which drops the Tiger Mount, so there's no real loss for pet/mount collectors here, but a detour over to the Panther boss allows the second weapon to drop of the set. Now they both have a fairly low drop rate being epics etc, but my god... the Proc is EPIC in it's own rights. Eetio finally got the second weapon merely minutes ago and so far has been testing it out on dummies etc.

Yeh... it turns you into the frikkin 'Tiger Boss'... Happy Gnome is happy! :) I've added a bit of information based on the weapons etc on the image as you can see, as well as information from Wowhead on the Proc. Shiny proc is shinyy... x)

Ah, also 3.3.3 is out tomorrow, so loads of shizzness to take in there! 102nd mount and 120th pet on Zukiji inc! :D


Friday, 19 March 2010

Bloody Rare!

As you may already know, I've got a mage now and I'm keeping it as a 'trophy' sort of character and staying at level 70. Managed to get quite a few achievements on it at the moment, but for the second time on another character of mine other than Zukiji, last night I managed to obtain the achievement 'Bloody Rare' after a few days on and off searching for the Vorakem Doomspeaker (Last one of the set). Below is the kill-shot and achievement shot ;)

Now, just a mere 50 minutes before this, yet another bloody rare occurrence happened. I was helping a friend (not saying his actual name to conceal his 'true identity') in Sunken Temple to do his level 50 hunter Quest. This was the second time we had been here, the first was when he was around level 48/49. I knew before hand of a specific rare drop that drops off the last boss in here, a sword which when equipped and procced, summons a little Emerald Whelping to fight alongside you! Pretty sweet, but the chances of it dropping are damn slim, around 1/1000 if I'm not mistaken so we didn't count on it dropping. Well, apparently we were wrong...
What surprised me about this is that I had never seen it drop whilst levelling my paladin which thus far has been leveling solely through the means of the Dungeon Finder. I've seen a few epics drop, Deadman's Hand, a BoE Sword etc, but never this! All I can say is Gratz to him for winning the blade! Tis shinyyyy! :D


Sunday, 14 March 2010

Still here!

That's right guys, I'm still here, just replaying the most recent events over in my head from both Final Fantasy XIII and the more exciting news for our Guild in WoW 'Back in Action'.

Progression started off pretty slow and ended in the guild managing to do a few bosses in the first Quarter of ICC. This doesn't sound like very appealing news as over half the servers now are probably pugging their way up to Putricide (Possibly x)) but as a guild, using everything we possibly could, we have managed to get a pretty solid team together and have surpassed Rotface and finally, the benevolent Festergut (We had more troubles on Festergut due to DPS reasons, but we managed to get him down eventually with many cheers from those who have spent a great deal of time and effort into this great progression so far). There are a few select guys who really stand out and I would like to do a personal shout to them for their hard work and ensuring that we will become a successful guild, and hopefully during Cataclysm, one that strives for victory! You guys undoubtedly know who you are. We have had a few problems whether it be in Guild, Raiding or in general, but we seem to overcome these and now the Roster for 'Back in Action' is looking pretty solid for 10 man Raids, which is a personal preference of mine! Our loot system makes sense and ensures those who intend to stay with us, will agree with the rules and work as hard as they can to ensure their position as a Raider.

Back when the guild was named 'Lost in Action', we had a nice group going for Ulduar 10 man Progression, and it's humble to say, that 'Back in Action' is heading back in that direction!


As for Final Fantasy XIII... Holy crap, that game is damn shiny to look at! x) The battle system is simple at first, but eventually you have to start to use your head a little instead of just bashing 'Auto-Attack' all the time. The main thing I'm worried about at the moment is the lack of major Side Missions/Quests as there was in previous Final Fantasies (Chocobo Treasure Hunt and Tetra Master in FFIX, Blitzball and Monster Catching for the Arena in FFX are a few examples) but at the moment, I'm seeing it as a roller-coaster ride, one way to go, and multiple levels of difficulty but at the same time, a pretty epic experience!

Little odd me talking about something other than WoW, but hey, it's a damn good game and has kept me off my computer for the first time in a while! Next thing you'll probably hear me talk about is Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver! x) (Damn I want them so bad right now... fucking pokémon obsession...) Ah wells, until next time guys!


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Final Fantasy XIII

Not really WoW related but still...



Saturday, 6 March 2010

Salty Zukiji

It's about bloody time that I took a good few moments in a decent attempt at 'Master Angler of Azeroth' achievement and on my first attempt, I managed to acquire it, being my final achievement required in the Professions > Fishing tab!
Finally, I've got the Salty Title! :D

The main reason I picked the boots over the heirloom ring came down to the amount of 'fun shit' I have in my invent, items which port me from place to place and the extra fishing skill on the boots will help for further fishing progression in Cataclysm!

Really looking forward to 3.3.3, many new pets and mounts to look forward to!