Friday, 19 March 2010

Bloody Rare!

As you may already know, I've got a mage now and I'm keeping it as a 'trophy' sort of character and staying at level 70. Managed to get quite a few achievements on it at the moment, but for the second time on another character of mine other than Zukiji, last night I managed to obtain the achievement 'Bloody Rare' after a few days on and off searching for the Vorakem Doomspeaker (Last one of the set). Below is the kill-shot and achievement shot ;)

Now, just a mere 50 minutes before this, yet another bloody rare occurrence happened. I was helping a friend (not saying his actual name to conceal his 'true identity') in Sunken Temple to do his level 50 hunter Quest. This was the second time we had been here, the first was when he was around level 48/49. I knew before hand of a specific rare drop that drops off the last boss in here, a sword which when equipped and procced, summons a little Emerald Whelping to fight alongside you! Pretty sweet, but the chances of it dropping are damn slim, around 1/1000 if I'm not mistaken so we didn't count on it dropping. Well, apparently we were wrong...
What surprised me about this is that I had never seen it drop whilst levelling my paladin which thus far has been leveling solely through the means of the Dungeon Finder. I've seen a few epics drop, Deadman's Hand, a BoE Sword etc, but never this! All I can say is Gratz to him for winning the blade! Tis shinyyyy! :D


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