Friday, 5 February 2010


Loque'nahak was found originally on the Beta to Wrath of the Lich king, in which the forums blew up with information and excitement at this discovery. No-one knew if there would be any more Spirit Beasts that followed the infamous Loque'nahak, but due to it's reputation of being possibly the most beautiful pet in game, and unique, Blizzard decided to follow up and provide us with an extra Spirit Beast each patch, and I'm going to do my best to cover as much as I can about this incredible companion.

Personal Lore:
Loque'nahak is in search of food for Har'koa's little kittens, and the journey is a long and tough one, risking the cold of Storm Peaks and the battles of Wintergrasp, Loque'nahak will finally reach his hunting location within 3-5 hours of prowling Northrend. Monkeys, Rhinos, Mammoths... Anything will do, as long as he makes it back with enough for the little ones. But on the hunt, are many warriors from all over Azeroth, in search of the most elusive beasts in the world, and unfortunately, Loque'nahak has been marked for death... Will he make it back to Har'koa in time to feed the cubs, or will he join the ranks of a soldier during the battle of the Lich King? Death is also on the cards, and Loque'nahak knows this, willing to defend himself along with the food gathered, and the sake of his own life.

  • Loque'nahak is a Rare Elite tamable mob that spawns in a few locations around Sholazar Basin. The respawn timer is around 6-12 hours, and unfortunately shares it with the strong and aggressive King Krush.
  • Passive, so when tracking for Loque'nahak, he will turn up as a yellow mark on the radar.
  • Level 76 and requires the 51 point talent in Beast Mastery to tame.
  • Was the first Spirit Beast of 4 to be released. (To date)

Finding Loque'nahak originally was a pretty big task, and finding him nowadays continues to be somewhat of a struggle, both mentally and physically. I've made a map with locations where I have personally found Loque'nahak, and marked each one, with varying levels of opacity for the amounts of times I've came across him.

Now people say it's the rarest pet in game, and in some ways, I agree. Yes, it's possibly the best looking pet ever, but there are rarer pets. But I won't go into that in this post.

Any questions or queries, post them below and I'll be glad to help.

Oh and congratulations to another Hunter who I helped tame Loque'nahak last night!



  1. The Personal Lore part is just what I think about why Loque'nahak is around x) Not saying it's fact or anything, just something I like to think of about this awesome beast :)

  2. Nice post Zuk. I voted for Skoll :P WEll I am sending good wibes to you since tonight is the start of peddlefeet farming. I have big hope for both of us


  3. Cheers dude, same to you :) Acquired Peddlefeet on my DeathKnight last year, which kinda took the piss, but hopefully it drops for Zuk this year :)

  4. nananananana I have the rocket :D