Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Frostbitten 2.0

'Dude! King Krush!'
"Holy shit, invite!"
'inc! :)'

Pretty much sums up the convo me and Eetio had IRL when I finally found King Krush for my second and his first Frostbitten achievement!

Again, King Krush is the final victor of this awesome achievement, though this time, at the paw of a bear and the bluntness of a Warrior's mace! :D

Ah yeh, you can probably see that my UI is a little different than usual, I finally downloaded Bartender and it's still a work in progress so bere with that :) also, I blocked out RealID names in chat for Privacy reasons :)


Saturday, 10 July 2010

Luxray the Kingslayer

Finally, after 63 wipes in total, we've managed to best the Lich King! Shortly after, we also took down Halion in the Ruby Sanctum! Good news all 'round :D

Short and sweet post, but words cannot truly express how happy I am about this :D

-Zuk ;)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Some cool stuffs :)

With the massive update on the whole Cataclysm Beta being available to some lucky guys now, we've got loads of pictures of new models etc which can be shown over on MMO-Champion. I'm going to link a few of the ones for me that stood out so you guys can have a quick peek below :)

Also, on a completely side note, I've been playing a lot of a game which is still in development and is seeming to get bigger with every day, having been reviewed in PC Gamer recently aswell named Minecraft. Links to that will be under a screenshot I took last night of a pretty epic cave if your familiar with the game :D

Also, I've finished up on Zeolux's sig, looks better than the others I've done to be honest :O Here ya go dude! Soulion's next! :)

Until next time!


Saturday, 3 July 2010

Aotona, Bird of Prey

After much thought, I just had to go back after Aotona once again. After abandoning her some time back for Arcturis to complete my 'BM only Stable' I have kinda regretted it, and since have released a few Spirit Beasts in order to tame a PvE pet (Wolf) and a PvP pet as of recent (Spider). However, the spider (Terror Spinner) didn't really have a lasting impression as Aotona used to have on me, so with a few sightings from friends, telling me they had seen her recently, I just had to go out and tame this giant bird once again! Lo and behold, she's mine again, and this time, it's permanent! :)

Waiting now on the 20+ stables we're promised for Cataclysm in order to get back on the hunt for the rarest of beasts and whatnot :)

Working on a Sig for ya Zeo by the way! :) Hopefully will be pew pew ;)