Monday, 30 November 2009

Mailed Pets

I recently made a brand new character on a different server to the one I play on at present mainly to feel what it's like as the Race/Class combo I picked (A Blood Elf Paladin(because I've never EVER made a Paladin before, or a Blood elf! :O)) and when I came to the first inn, I forgot that awaiting me in the mail would be a few pets, so I thought I'd screenshot it and post it on the blog, mainly because there are a few here, and anymore would result on a 2nd page of pets for me for new chars! I'll briefly evaluate each one, and how/why I am getting it mailed to me.

Onyxian Whelpling: Being that at the moment it is the 5th Anniversary for World of Warcraft, we have all been sent this awesome looking Whelp pet, as we did last year, a Blizzard Bear! This isn't unfortunately a permanently mailed pet, as after a specific date, we will stop receiving them, which is a good job to save one on a Bank alt for Example for future use.

Chilly the Penguin: The merge has taken place, and we all got mailed a cute little Penguin pet, first seen on the Beta of Wrath of the Lich King, where players were sent this pet through the mail for participating of the Testing of the expansion. This is another pet I can expect to stop receiving in the future, as they aren't 100% plans to make sure everyone who merges accounts will be able to obtain it forever. (So brand new players may not obtain this pet)

Frosty the Frostwyrm Whelp: Obtained via buying the Collectors Edition of Wrath of the Lich King. For those who haven't seen Frosty, he's an Undead Whelp, which emanates a blue aura around it's body. Also makes a cool noise when clicked on :) Unfortunately, Blizzard reduced the size of the original version of Frosty, as it was HUGE! There is a Feat of Strength gained for having this in your bags!

Lil' K.T: Baby version of the infamous Kel'Thuzad of Naxxramas. This is one of the new pets purchased through the Blizzard Pet Store. Personal favorite of mine, solely due to being able to run about at level 7 with K.T, and hardly anyone of the level range actually knowing what the hell it's based on is sheer comedy ;D Getting this thing out resulted in about 4 different whispers within the hour of leveling my Paladin. Awesome stuff!

Grunty the Murloc Marine: Acquired, personally for me, through watching Blizzcon 2009 through the pay-per-view method. Thankfully Blizzard gave people who watched the event this pet even if you couldn't fly half way across the world, plus he's my first, and possibly last Murloc pet obtained! Only difference with this pet compared to the others is that it is Bind on Pick-up instead of Account, plus when you learn him, he disappears. This is something I worried about in the beginning as I didn't know if I would be able to get one for future Characters I could make. Here is proof though that they do get mailed for each character made in the future! There is a Feat of Strength gained for having this in your bags!

Pandaren Monk: Alongside Lil' K.T, this is an obtainable pet purchased through the Blizzard Pet Store. This guy is nuts, he fights, drinks and bows with some pretty crazy audio to go with it ;) Very cool pet, though not my favorite of the two on the Pet Store as of present. Also, when purchased from the release of the pet to the end of December '09, half of the proceeds go towards charity, all the more reason to purchase him I suppose ;D

So yeh, that's the list of pet's I receive at the moment with ever new character I make! Hopefully some more BoA mounts become available soon, much like the Blizzard Bear, though mailed ;D Mount Store anyone? :O

Zukiji signing off ;D

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Brief update

Short update to the Banner for my Blog, kinda resembles the Hunter aspect I initially intended for ;)

Work has been LAME all weekend, and the heating isn't working = EPIC bad times, can actually see my own breath inside my house, which isn't that good... Next on the agenda, SNOW! ;D

Raven Lord runs haven't been occurring as frequently as we anticipated, we have missed about 2 runs this week, so hopefully all hope doesn't diminish soon, as I want him to get it aswell! :)

Short and sweet update of my life xD

Zukiji out!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Spirit Beasts

Managed to help another Hunter tame a Spirit Beast today! Here's a picture of 'Frenzyfever' a Tauren Hunter who managed to find me actually on this blog page which is pretty awesome! Gratz to him and his new Spirit Beast!

With the Release of 3.3 merely weeks away (I mean, it has to bee soon, right?) I thought I's do a recap of the Spirit Beasts available in game as of recent and the locations of each! Locations I would recommend people to look for the beasts are in Green ;D

The original Spirit Beast, found on the Beta of Wrath of the Lich King is still one of the most sort after Spirit Beasts of the 3 for it's bubblegum blue mouth and sleek looks. This little fellow can be found in Sholozar Basin at the following locations for people who have Co-ordinates with the amount of times I have personally found her in [ ] brackets:
  • 70.9 | 71.7 - [4]
  • 66.6 | 79.1 - [1]
  • 51.4 | 81.6 - [2]
  • 31.3 | 66.5 - [1]
  • 22.1 | 70.2 - [1]
  • 29.2 | 47.3 - [1]
  • 36.7 | 29.3 - [1]
  • 59.3 | 22.5 - [2]
Best way to go about this is keep circling the area. If you have mining or herbalism skill aswell, you can make some pretty sweet gold from this method :D it's a win win situation!

The second Spirit Beast released in patch 3.1, enlightened Hunters across the globe that Blizzard is interested in adding a Spirit Beast per patch! Known for it's 'Spectral Tiger' look, or as the Spectral Tiger Pet, Gondria comes equipped with style and pursuit about it! This ghostly kitty can be found in Zul'Drak at the following locations for people who, again, have Co-ordinates with the amount of times I have personally found him in [ ] brackets:
  • 63.6 | 43.0 - [5]
  • 69.8 | 48.6 - [9]
  • 61.7 | 61.9 - [2]
  • 68.0 | 77.3 - [6]
  • 77.8 | 70.5 - [1]
  • 77.2 | 44.4 - [1]
I have found Gondria quite a few times to say the least, and from what I can tell, mainly on Agamaggan Server, is that it isn't always picked up straight away, or I have a LOT of luck with this guy. The time of day plays a major role in the taming of not only this beast, but every single one, however, I have found at either 00:00 server time -> 04:00 server time it is normally there :D

The most recently available Spirit Beast on Live servers is possibly the most noticeable of the 3, being that instead of it being a kitty, it's a Wolf! This electric blue wolf emanates electricity which can be heard by standing near to it, and with all the other Spirit Beasts, has Prowl so a stealthing, electric blue wolf that looks like it wants to go and kill ANYTHING is pretty much very high on Beast Master Hunter's agenda in terms of taming. So far, I have managed to find this beast in 3 locations, however, a friend of mine may have hinted at a 4th hidden location which will need inspecting furthur upon (as I haven't actually seen him there, so if anyone has found it at the bottom location, please, respond!). This metal beast can be found in Storm Peaks at the following locations for people who, yet again, have Co-ordinates with the amount of times I have personally found him in [ ] brackets:
  • 27.7 | 50.4 - [2]
  • 30.2 | 64.6 - [1]
  • 46.6 | 64.7 - [2]
  • 54.5 | 54.3 - [?]
This guy has alot of beliefs that he shares the spawn of the Time-Lost Proto Drake or Vyragosa, when I can in fact confirm that he definately doesn't. I managed to find Skoll on the PTR 3.2 a few seconds before the Time-Lost Proto Drake flew passed me, same with on live servers, but with Vyragosa and a few more seconds between each other. Same with Gondria, and all other Spirit Beasts to be honest, it's all a matter of being in the right place at the right time as they can be picked up pretty sharpish.

Good luck hunting Spirit Beasts, and roll on 3.3 for Arcturis, the 'Spectral Bear'!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Glory of the Hero

Tonight has seen Luxray, my Druid, getting more than 1 step closer to his first Proto Drake! Mainly thanks to Eetio, Enoronan, Skellibjalla and Stratocaster (Who's paladin I can't name due to not being able to type his name out xD) who stuck together for a good 3 hours solid of Heroic Achievement Grinding. Each one with it's own story, and each one unmissed, you guys rock! I'd also like to point out that Skellibjalla has got 112 companion pets in game, which, to my knowledge is the most amount on Agamaggan, so extra gratz to her :D !

The most notable achievement gained in my eyes has to be 'Watch Him Die'. My god. For this achievement, we had Strat's Paladin tanking the adds, or the watchers out the boss room towards the entrance while Eetio tanks the main boss, Eno and Skelli DPS it down, and I keep the group up as normal. Sounds simple right? Well infact, it was quite the opposite. The actual fight was very short due to DPS nuking it down as hard as possible, but the beginning, and the sustain that Strat's Pally managed to pull off was incredible! I actually do not know how he managed to stay alive for that amount of time without a decent heal, but he managed to do it, thus, buying us enough time to down the boss. Despite the achievement is called 'Watch Him Die', the Watchers didn't really 'Watch' him die, being that they were actually headed out of the instance! Whatever the case, we got it done, and I really cannot see me doing that one again, like, ever... It's one achievement I'd gladly pass on Zukiji, despite being a bit of an Achievement Whore on him ;)

All of these achievements tonight started mainly because Eetio wanted to do the daily heroic, and being that I'm his brother and tend to help him out in situations like this, I naturally agreed and so off we went to Gun'Drak. The main achievement we aimed to get was 'Less-rabi' which consists of killing the associated boss without him transforming into his Mammoth form, thus failing the achievement and increasing his damage. It all ended up with us getting 'Share the Love', another very annoying achievement to get, but one less for us to worry about!

Anyways, below is a look on my Progress on Glory of the Hero achievement! Still got a few more to go now, but it surely is looking very promising, and soon, my Druid will be packing a Red Proto Drake!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Pilgrim Bountiful!

Finally managed to obtain the title and the (Incredible, which I'll get back to later) Turkey pet! I'll try my best to do a run down of the achievements and what the event entails for readers out there who still seek specific achievements or a bit of knowledge about this event. I'll set it out in the order I did the achievements, although most of you guys may want to go in a different approach:

The Turkinator: Hunt enough Wild Turkeys quickly enough to gain Turkey Triumph.
This achievement can be a complete bitch to complete depending on how many Alliance/Horde are on your server. For me, the best way to do this was really really early in the morning (00:10 to be exact xD) and head, while in Elwynn Forest, over to the East, around the lumbermill. Being a Hunter, this achievement became easy due to track beasts, so if you can track beasts, or get hold of the food which enables tracking beasts, then now is the time to use it to it's full potential (imo) as all the beasts around the area are aggressive, and the Turkey's are the only mobs which show up as yellow instead of red dots. Happy Hunting!

Now We're Cookin': Cook up one of every Pilgrim's Bounty dish.
One of the easiest achievements gained during this event. From any of the vendors outside of the main cities (or even the Barrels which act as a vendor) you should be able to purchase a Book which contains the 5 recipes needed for this achievement. This does require cooking, however, next to the vendors should be cooking trainers, and thankfully, Blizzard has bestowed us with these 5 recipes as well as the mats needed from the vendors, which in turn can get your cooking from lvl 1-300! Each recipe will have something unique needed in each one to make, these items can be found outside the main cities, and purchased from the vendors (apart from the Wild Turkey's which you could obtain while doing the previous Achievement).

Pilgrim's Progress: Complete each of the Pilgrim's Bounty dailies.
Despite this entails the dailies of Pilgrim's Bounty, all 5 of them can actually be obtained and completed on the first day. All they require are the cooking of the dishes from the previous achievement.

"FOOD FIGHT!": Bounce food off a fellow feaster's head at a Bountiful Table.
While sitting at one of the tables, allocated outside any of the main cities, simple target someone else who is sitting at the table (or the one next to it) and spam '1' which will throw food at them depending on which seat you are sitting at. Eventually you will obtain this achievement.

Terrokar Turkey Time: Defeat Talon King Ikiss while wearing a Pilgrim's Hat and either a Pilgrim's Dress, Robe or Attire.
After doing the dailies, you get a choice of either, one piece of clothing or a Turkey Shooter, the Turkey shooters will be used later on, so save them, and you only need to use 2 pieces of the gear obtained from the dailies, so pick the hat first, then the chest piece depending on personal preference. Equip the hat and the chest piece and make your way to Sethekk Halls of Terrokar Forest in Outland with a group of people. This can be done on normal or heroic difficulty, so just grab a tank and healer and go go go. Kill the last boss with the gear equipped and presto!

Sharing is Caring: Pass one of every dish at a Bountiful Table.
Sit at one of the tables allocated outside of one of the major cities and throw the food to someone who is sitting on the table with you. Part of this will be achieved while doing "FOOD FIGHT!" but to be on the safe side, throw one piece of food to someone, then ask to switch seats. Throw some food from each of the seats and there you go, achievement ding!

Pilgrim's Paunch: Acquire the Spirit of Sharing from a complete Bountiful Table feast at every Alliance capital.
This achievement is really simple, just requires clicking 2 3 4 5 6 a couple of times depending which foods are available to you. As you are sitting down at a table, specific foods become available to eat. If you and a group of friends have passed each of the foods to each other, all of the foods shared to you, will become available to eat without having to get off your seat. All you have to do is eat each of the foods 5 times until your buff stacks to 5. When you do this, go to the next seat and repeat. After this, make your way to the next major city until all of them have been ticked. Done! ;)

Pilgrim's Peril: While wearing either a Pilgrim's Dress, Robe, or Attire, take a seat at each enemy capital's Bountiful Table.
Depending if your on a PvE or PvP server, this achievement can vary in difficulty as some people may be more aggressive than others. Whatever the case, equip the gear and make your way to each of the Enemies capitals, which in my case is Horde. Each of the tables will need to be clicked on and sat in quickly before you gain enough attention so here is a list of where the tables are, so you can click and run!
  • Orgrimmar: Outside of the main gates. Lots of Horde around this part, being that it is their main capital.
  • Thunderbluff: Underneath the main elevator, to the West side (I think) should be around 2 to 3 tables, run up the ramp and click click click!
  • Silvermoon: Again with Orgrimmar, this one is situated outside the main gates.
  • Undercity: Little bit more difficult then the others. This one requires you to run in the main entrance and turn left or right quickly, dismount and jump on, try and get out of there as best as you can, but this was the only place I died during this event.
Turkey Lurkey: Blast those dirty, sneaking Rogues with your Turkey Shooter.
This one should span, at least 3 days worth of dailies. What it requires is the use of the Turkey Shooter on each Class/Race combo of Rogues available at the moment which is; Orc, Human, Troll, Night Elf, Undead, Gnome, Blood Elf and Dwarf. Depending on the realm your on this can be a tricky achievement unless you have a few friends who can make lvl 1 alts for you to use the item on. The only times the item won't work is if you use it on a Rogue who has already been shot, this will result in a waste of your item as you can only obtain 1 per daily you complete.

All in all, the Pilgrim's Bounty achievements have been a pretty big success, with the power leveling for people of cooking from 1-300 within a couple of minutes, building us up for Winter's Veil as there is a cooking achievement required with that World Event. The title and pet combo for me has furthermore increased my title list and pet collection by even more which is always a good thing (on 110 pets now :O ). Oooh yeh! And the amazingly incredible thing that the Turkey pet does!! WOOOOTTT, if you put down a campfire, or run passed one with the pet out, he will 'realise his destiny' and jump into the campfire, thus cooking it! xD Best companion animation EVER! ;)

Hope you have enjoyed reading my walkthrough to Pilgrim's Bounty, despite it almost definitely could be better, but I don't get payed for this, so blehg!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Onyxian Whelp!

He's finally here! The Onyxian Whelp will be received in the mail during this week and the next (possibly) due to the 5th anniversary of World of Warcraft! As you can see in the image, he's a pretty cool looking pet, and if the animation works which I put up, you should be able to see the 'Deep Breath' that he will cast! :D

This is also Zukiji's 109th pet! Still working on the mounts, including Raven Lord for my brother, who is pretty diligent in getting me to take him through xD

Pilgrim's Bounty also started today (almost finished it on Zukiji) and I may post my own crap version of a walkthrough compared to WoWhead etc on here later on in the week possibly :)

Again, if the animation works, you may see more of them incoming to the blog, so stay tuned!

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Small little update, just to say I've added an Aquarium on this blog! Each colour represents a level 80 of mine, and I will add more as I level more up!

At the moment, this is what each one symbolizes:

  • Green: Zukiji - Hunter
  • Orange: Luxray - Druid
  • Red: Verex - Death Knight

1 Day left!

For those who have participated in my First ever Blogspot Poll, I'd like to thank you for your participation, it has given me a bit more insight as to what I'd change my Mage into if need be. There is still 1 day left of voting, so anyone who visits, do the right thing and vote! :D Nothing is 100% after the poll, it's just a way for me to see how others feel about Mages as a Horde class to date. This is mainly down to Cataclysm, I'. thoroughly looking forward to the Goblin and Orc mages, and depending on the revamp of racials, there's a possibility I could roll Orc :O

Again, thanks to all who voted :D Will post more Polls in the future ;)

Anzu Watch: Still no Raven Lord :(( still, it WILL drop sometime soon! ;D

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Mohawk Grenades INC!

Mr.T is back, and this time, he's here to spread the 'sexyness' that is the Mohawk Grenade!
In a recent advertisement by Blizzard, Mr.T talks about people not 'respecting him enough' etc, and so the Mohawk Grenade was made. What it is, is an in game item you pick up from Night Elf Mohawks outside and major city with 5 uses, it can then be thrown at anybody where their head will be 'replaced' with a Night Elf Mohawk. How the targeting works is much like casting an AoE spell, you select the area you wish to throw it, and BOOM, a Mohawk Explosion in the FACE! ;)

Back to the Anzu Watch. Still no drop as of yet for my bro, but I expect to see one come christmas due to Karma and him being a pretty cool kid, as he helps out as much as he can :)

P.S. The image used is from the Advertisement, although I did edit it slightly.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Post before IRL Shutdown

Considering the lack of raiding within our Guild, and a few members leaving for personal reasons, it has been a pretty crazy week mainly for Luxray. The majority of this 'crazy-go-go-go'ness' is all down to Jewelcrafting. I started doing it a couple of weeks back, and really didn't have the willpower to level it, until this week. It has been a bit of a journey for myself, levelling a profession from 1-425 (JC is now at 437 as the picture shows :)) straight at level 80 instead of doing it as I level the char itself (My mage is lvl 61 with around 350 Herb and 345 Alch) though it has been enjoyable, knowing that I can go where ever I want and be safe around 99% of the time. Lots and lots of grinding involved, but nothing too serious!

The grind for the Reins of the Raven Lord continues, though Eetio is beginning to loose hope, as it can be seen in his eyes with every Anzu run. One day though it will finally drop! :D

I'd also like to ask, would it be advisable to go Horde on a Mage, she's a Draenei at the moment, and I have been thinking whether or not to go Horde on her, and if so, what Race?

Zukiji, clocking out for the night.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

'Small' update

Haven't made a post for almost a week now... Thought I'd post my thoughts on the PTR up to date finally.

The loot table is finally up and we are seeing some pretty nice stuff from the Icecrown Instances! One can only hope that either our guild gets better soon, or I join a hardcore one for gearing and content before Cataclysm :O But yeh, the loot is up, and so far, the 5 man and the raid seems to be proving very very epic!
The Misdirect change to Hunters still has me baffled. Since they released the 5 man dungeons for testing, I logged on and tried it out, and the amount of threat the tanks received... holy hellfire, I may end up playing my Hunter once more for raiding, since the more recent Druid has taken over and is healing his way up the ranks.
New Spirit Beast - Arcturis: As i excitingly posted early on in this Blog, Arcturis will made an appearance as the first 'Bear' spirit beast. More information below about him, but in short here, omfg... cannot wait for live!
The new LFG system seems pretty intriguing, for people who aren't best geared up, I'd advise them doing normal heroic dungeons with a couple of friends etc before attempting this new method of grouping for dungeons, this is mainly down to the grouping of you with others. How it works is based on something called 'Gear Score'. There's an addon recently become available (as far as I know xD ) on to download, which states what GS you have, and what dungeons/raids your gear should be more than capable of. If you have a low GS, you will be grouped with other people who have low GS, this could be a major problem as under geared groups may struggle to take down specific bosses.
Good bye Carbonite with the new built in Quest tracker by Blizzard! Finally, Blizzard have introduced a quest-tracker for people who struggle to 'find a specific mob' or in particular 'Mankrik's wife'. With lots of features, we will see a vast cut down on general chat asking 'where do I go to kill X' etc. The system has been in the works since PTR 3.1 if I remember rightly so, but there was too many problems at the time and the knowledge wasn't fully there, but finally, it looks like they have cracked it! :D
Mounts and pets... Where do I start... There have been a couple of new mounts announced, most notably the Reins of Invincible which will drop from 'Arthas' on the 10/25 man raid of Icecrown Citadel. Now this could mean, kill him in a specific way so he passes over the reins or kill him a specific way, without the help of Jaina maybe? ;) Whatever the case, a horse with wings and a changeable riding 'stance' depending on location is very welcoming. Another mount which shares the effects of the HH Mount, Invincible and the Broom from Hallows End is the Big Love Rocket... Now this thing is pink, and when I say pink, I don't mean the cool pink which even some dudes find appropriate, I mean the girly girl pink... What really makes it a 'woman's mount' is the engraved love heart on the side. Ahh wells, as with the HH mount, this is going to be a seasonal mount, obtained during 'Love is in the Air' off a seasonal boss in Shadowfang Keep :S (If memory serves). Finally, for people who indulge more on the PvE aspect of WoW, we will finally see people obtaining Frostwyrm mounts, most probably from the heroic achievements in Icecrown Citadel. What stands out with these sons of the scourge is that they are armored... MUCH WANT... :) Onto pets, the Perky Pug, as shown earlier this month on my blog and MMO-Champion will be obtained via the new LFG system and looks pretty awesome! Finally a dog pet in WoW! :D Breanni will also offer her supplies with 2 brand new pets, the Calico Cat and the Albino snake! Will pick these up as soon as the patch hits :D
Fishing, a much loved past time on WoW for Zukiji and an ever growing love for Luxray will introduce a new week event located in Northrend. What this will consist of is being the first person to catch a blacktip shark (known to gather around a specific pool (; ) and give it in to the Kalu'ak dude in Dalaran. Rewards include the much anticipated Heirloom Ring, and a set of fishing boots with an instant way to get to Booty Bay! The ring will offer a furthur 5% bonus exp on top of the x2 10% pieces available at the moment, bringing exp gained from quests and mobs up to 125%.

Ok, I'm aware I've babbled a bit here, but it's pretty exciting stuff so far, and not to mention the 5th Anniversary of WoW with the free Onyxian Whelpling pet!

Zukiji signing off!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Old Server, Renewed Hope

After doing the daily 'chores' so to speak on my Hunter and Druid, I decided to check how the old server I used to play on is doing, what guilds are still going, and what the AH provides after almost a year of leave. Most of the guilds on there, I had never heard of, it's like they have sprouted out of every single corner and done well for themselves in turn. This for me comes down to it being a completely incredible server anyways (With a slight possibility of reverting back). I thought to myself, with the server doing better than it used to, which before it was doing amazing anyways, which pets would they have on the Auction House and how much people are selling them for. The first thing that hit me was the Hyacinth Macaw... Some dude who won't be named for privacy reasons (Hence the editing out of each name) earns many /bows from me. I'd like to know if he kept track of how many pirates he'd killed for it xD. As for the Captured Firefly, still no drop on Agamaggan as of yet, but on the AH on 'My old server'... there's 4 of them, 1 guy has posted 2 of 'em at 1.2k each... Sooo tempted to transfer servers now! In the meantime, need to get ready for University, hectic morning of gathering paperwork etc and I need to finally make a move before we start the weekly work in the Studio.

Gratz to the guy who managed to get this Elusive parrot to drop, and Woot for Raven Lord, still hyper about that! :D

Monday, 9 November 2009

Reins of the Raven MINE! /cough Lord.

Finally(After around 60 runs all together)! Today Luxray managed to obtain the Reins of the Raven Lord! My Resto Druid / Kitty will finally be riding in style on the god of the birds. Thanks to my bro 'Eetio' for running countless times for it! Means a lot to me brah ;)

Will update the post when we manage to get one to drop for him also with screenies, so stay tuned for that!

As for other things WoW related, MMO-Champion has finally managed to get hold of the new Shaman T10 gear, so if you want to have a look at that, go go go to teh MMO! I've been thinking about doing a small project for Youtube based on the rare spawns required for Bloody Rare and Frostbitten achievements as I am close to getting both on Luxray, after already obtaining it on Zukiji. Depends mainly on how much time I have on my hands when I actually come down and attempt at making this project a reality.

In the world of Companions, I am still grinding the Firefly pet on Zukiji, on about 1.6k kills so far, so hopefully it will drop soon. After that I need to go back onto the Sha'tari Skyguard to get those 5 Nether Rays, and my 110th pet, the Nether Ray Fry :D

As I've found out today with the Raven Lord, if you stay diligent, great things will come of it! (Also kinda goes for the Time-Lost Proto Drake aswell, bloody thing took me 4 months to get...)

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Tier 10 NPCs


Death Knight








Due to a fail Professor test run on the PTR today due to a bug where, once the group wipes, the boss becomes un-targetable, I decided to screenshot NPCs already donning the new Tier 10 in all it's glory for us to drool over. Even Tirion Fordring and Darion Mograine are /flexing in the new sets!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Armored Frostwyrm

Shiny shiny shiny is all I can say about the new Frostwyrm datamined on MMO-Champion. While looking awesome, and with a pretty high possibility that it could be a PvE mount for those who do the Hard Mode achievements in Icecrown, for me it will prove impossible to obtain, as tbh, I don't have the gear or whatnot to get this, let alone the bloody Rusted and Ironbound Protodrakes which will be removed when 3.3.0 hits no doubts...


Ahh wells! Good news still for me, the Perky Pug model and information how to obtain it have finally be released! Using the new LFG system will allow us to ironically obtain this 'Pug' pet after allowing 100 people join group in total. Anywhoo, here's a screenshot of the little dude yet again from MMO-Champion!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Arcturis - Spirit Beast 3.3.0

The newest Spirit Beast introduced on the PTR for patch 3.3.0 is Arcturis, the Spectral Bear found within Grizzly Hills. Being level 74 make Arcturis the lowest level Spirit Beast attainable for any Beast Masters out there.

Here are a few screenshots I took based on this new Pet:

Arcturis - Spirit Beast Patch 3.3.0

Location - North of Amberpine

Taming the Beast

I made a video shortly after taming this awesome looking beast, based on screenshots taken during and after the tame. Link to the video can be found here.

More locations are bound to pop up over time, so I'll post them in the comments to this post.

Lil' K.T. and Pandaren Monk

Finally, information about the Elusive Lil' K.T. and the Panderan monk have became apparent today with the introduction of the Blizzard Pet Store! Good news for Pet collectors alike with the introduction of the Store.

There are two ways to look at the cost of the pets, one is that people disagree with Blizzard making us pay for the pets, however, others look at the situation by stating that they are not actually making us pay for them. The way I look at it is, that Blizzard are giving us an opportunity to purchase 2 exclusive pets for a very cheap and reasonable price considering that most of the out of game pets are from the Trading Card Game and can cost anywhere from £50-£200 each. The costs of the pets at the moment are at £9 / 10 Euros.

Lil' K.T.
Personal favorite of the two, he comes mailed from none other than Kel' Thuzad himself!
When clicked on, Lil' K.T. makes a very eerie, creepy sound!
His idol animation is him floating about, being all Lich-esque, however, I've found that after about 2-3 minutes, much like the Kirin Tor Familiar, he does a special animation where his head floats up and spins 360 degrees! Very creepy!
Lil' K.T. kills critters using a frostbolt which in turn entombs the critter in a block of ice after which, dies and a cackle can be heard from Lil' K.T! EVIL! (Also makes the same Cackling noise when you kill someone via PvP, though I haven't had time to test this out myself :/ )

Pandaren Monk
This pet makes quite a few different noises when clicked on, most notably the one where you hear a gong!
When the Monk is summoned, your character will take a drink from a stein, much like when the Pink Pachederm is summoned.
His idol animations are pretty varied. He either starts to meditate OR the coolest one, starts doing Kung-fu!
The Panderan Monk can be /bow at, which in turn, /bows back at you!

Both pets are Bind on Account, and get mailed to each character you make in the future. The Panderan monk, when purchased between now and December 31st 2009, half of the money made will go to charity, all the more reason to go purchase one! :D

First post!

Let's get started by saying a little about me and my Character.

The name is Zukiji and I'm a Dwarf Hunter on the Realm, Agamaggan EU.

I love to collect things, whether it be Companions, Mounts or in game Rare Spawn kills.

Hopefully this blog will prove to be a place where I can talk about new things in PTRs or whatnot.

Sit back and Watch this space! :D