Thursday, 8 July 2010

Some cool stuffs :)

With the massive update on the whole Cataclysm Beta being available to some lucky guys now, we've got loads of pictures of new models etc which can be shown over on MMO-Champion. I'm going to link a few of the ones for me that stood out so you guys can have a quick peek below :)

Also, on a completely side note, I've been playing a lot of a game which is still in development and is seeming to get bigger with every day, having been reviewed in PC Gamer recently aswell named Minecraft. Links to that will be under a screenshot I took last night of a pretty epic cave if your familiar with the game :D

Also, I've finished up on Zeolux's sig, looks better than the others I've done to be honest :O Here ya go dude! Soulion's next! :)

Until next time!



  1. I love the sig.. I haven't seen the game, but I've read a couple of reviews about it..

    Cool Stuff

  2. Thank you :) I've allowed your comment because there genuinely is some pretty awesome stuff on that website you posted ;P