Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Current Pet Status... Good!

I've been thinking alot recently about a few things, but the main thing on my mine (WoW related) is what the hell do I do if I see a beast I want to tame considering the status of my stable at the moment? Well, here's a quick insider to what it looks like as of present:
Now I think you may agree, there are some pretty nice pets in there, all of which are rare spawns and 1 in particular is a bit of a mess to get (I'm talking to you King Krush!). Why am I posting this? Well as I have been attempting to farm reputation with the Winterspring Trainers for the Frostsaber mount, I have been wondering what I would do if I was to come into contact with Rak'shiri, a pet which used to be the 'Loque'nahak of today' so to speak. Yes, it's a normal kitty and yes, there is another way to tame a cat which has the same skin colour, but you should know by now, I am partial to a rare or two. A quick picture of Rak'shiri can be seen below for you guys who may be unaware just what he looks like.
Now yes, I do love rares, but the state my Stable is in at the moment only allows me to actually pick one pet for Marksmen which so happens to be my Raiding Spec, and as you can see, it's a frikkin parrot! I wouldn't have much gripe about it if I had managed to conjure up the Hyacinth Macaw by now, but ever since I started grinding the rep for this mount (Approximately yesterday xD) I've been thinking about what to do in a situation like today, if Rak'shiri appears, would I tame it in place of Aotona? Or get rid of one of my prized Spirit Beast pets for it? I used to have Rak'shiri some time back, and now I have decided to go for him again, thus confusing the hell out of me on what to do x)

Here is a spot of information and lore based on this beautiful beast directly from WoWWiki:
  • Hunters often seek to tame Rak'shiri for its striking appearance, which is shared only with Shy-Rotam, who before patch 2.3,was a Horde-exclusive quest-spawn. They are based on mount skins, thus when viewed in the hunter's Pet window, the model is placed lower than normal pet models, since the viewer is leaving room for a rider to be shown.

    Of note is that Rak'Shiri is mentioned as prey of the all-time famous dwarven game hunter, Hemet Nesingwary. According to his Outland hunting buddy, Shado 'Fitz' Farstrider, he and Hemet met as rivals both attempting to catch this mighty cat, and ended up making a friendly competition out of it. (Which, according to Farstrider's regret, was also the event that gave him the title "Fitz".)

Ahh wells, would love to hear feedback from you guys about what you'd do!


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