Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Glory of the Peddlefeet!

Happy valentines to all you lovers out there, too bad the only thing seeing attention from me this year 'round is the messy kitchen which could do with a good clean! Anyways, with that out the way, time for me to introduce the newest pet and mount to the ever gaining collection that is 'Zuk's collection of Pet and Mounts'! Great name ey? Got a nice feel to it ;)
Yup, finally I have managed to get Glory of the Hero done on Zukiji! The last achievement needed was Watch him Die, and as always, Daudinn produced some epic display thus allowing me to obtain this shinyy mount! Compared to the first time when we did this, back on Luxray, ages ago, we didn't have the option of 'Dungeon Finder' and whatnot, so we pugged 2 people, a healer and a dps who were both like 'lulwtfuxxwedoingguys?' Thankfully, if it wasn't for the Shammy's heroism, we wouldn't have got it done, as both healer and dps died, with only me and Eetio on the main boss and Daudinn making it out of the instance like a stealthy Paladin (how that works, don't ask me, Daudinn's the one with the skills ;)). But yeh, we got it done and voila! :D

Thankfully due to people's QQ over low drop rates, and my personal QQ over getting Peddlefeet last year on my bloody Deathknight and not on Zukiji, Blizzard have allowed us to obtain this rather dumb pet through the means of a vendor, so I salute you Blizzard for ensuring I get that next pet! But... In doing this, they have introduced another pet and another mount... Both which drop off the new seasonal boss, and both which I am (as of present) deeming unlootable via Zuk. As much as I would love to get the mount for Zukiji, not only to get 1 step closer to 100 mounts, but because of it's sheer rarety, I can only wish to just see it drop as with the Headless Horseman mount. People who state 'omg I NEED this mount so badly!' in my eyes don't actually deserve it unless they have a very viable reason, I'm just sayin'! Congratulations to everyone who has obtained it though, and to those people who have less that around 25 mounts and have obtained it, then I'll keep them words to myself... Now, on the first run on my druid, I managed to obtain the pet, which is ok to a certain extent. Firstly, I actually play Luxray as I don't, or try not to with Verex. Secondly, I have began to collect pets on Luxray when most of the ones on Zukiji became fairly hard to get. But lastly, it isn't Zukiji, so I need to see and win a roll on it again, which pretty much sucks. This ain't all too bad though with a consistent group of Me, Eetio, Daudinn and Skellibjalla, all going for it together each day. We should in theory, get everything we need/want unless we pug and they ninja it off us... But yeh, so far it's been fun and for the next 2 weeks, it shall hopefully stay the same :D

3 Mounts to Go! :D



  1. Ahh yeh, forgot to mention that Tural, the guy I posted about in the post before the Loque'nahak one has managed to get his site back up and running for all our Achievement Making needs! :D

  2. Cnongratz I still need some occulus gundrak and that no killing void senteries in VH for mine congratz again