Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Recruit a Friend... NOW!

Today, the Recruit a Friend has been updated so if you have a mount that still needs redeeming, get yaself a 2 seater rocket! Yeh, that means the Zhevra is unfortunately unobtainable anymore so you guys who have one, feel lucky you've got a retired mount! :)

If I'm correct, in order to get this mount, say for yourself with no-one else to link to, you have to firstly make a brand new account, link them together using some e-mail and then purchase a copy of the game's CD key then purchase 2 months of credit *pant pant* after all this you should be eligible to redeem your rocket mount on a selected character of your choice. In total, this single mount would probably set you back around £30, maybe less, if your intentions are to do it all by yourself. Now for £30, I wouldn't actually be too sure which character to redeem this pretty impressive thing on... Hmmm. Ahh wells, I spent £13 less on an Account Wide mount anyways ;D

/pat Celestial Steed

If you do however have a friend who needs introducing into World of Warcraft, what better time than now! :)

Next up, Lil'X.T.! God, I hate being a sucker for Blizzard's shiny things...


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