Sunday, 28 February 2010

Of the Nightfall.

What a night... Seriously... Our main Raid Leader yesterday was unfortunately hacked, and at the present moment is flying around Sholazar Basin skinning mobs like there's no tomorrow. Originally we had a ToC run scheduled and Randomlight was due to lead it, same as any other raiding day, and was set to be a pretty solid run, however, due to the hacking, we had to go for it ourselves to ensure the Guild Members who turned up on time got something to show for it! Off we went, and less than an hour later, with no wipes (Just a few silly breaks by myself ;D) we downed Anub'arak again! :)) After this, we decided to hit Onyxia's lair up as the group was a pretty nice solid one, although we possibly wouldn't have been able to down Saurfang imo ;D After a sweet victory in this Nostalgic raid, the members were still up for some more carnage! So, what else could we do? Possibly, hmm, I dunno, a OS10 man 3D up run? Bah... We need a shammy for that... or do we?
Around 10-15 wipes later of attempting to zerg this son'bitch into the ground, we finally managed to obtain the title 'of the Nightfall' and the victor of the mount was Xeonoth! Now, with Xeonoth being a great friend of mine, both in WoW and in real life, he was crazy enough to plonk this shinyy drake into a trade box with me... Madness, I know! But with a nice donation from myself of 3000g as it would be a mount which would also get me a little something else, he was more than willing to help out! Thank you again so much dude for this, finally I hit 100 mounts because of ya! x)
Shortly afterwards, flying around Krasus' Landing with a brand new shinyy Blue Dragonhawk and a Black Drake to go alongside it, Sortmane (It's actually Sortmane with a weird thing above the a x)) obtained his Frostbitten Achievement! So major congratulations to him on that aswell :)
Now, I'm ready for bed...



  1. Gratz! Finally you hit you mount cap you gona keep going or save it for another time?

  2. I'll continue, though it won't be as aggressively hardcore as previous ;)