Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Guild Progress.

So a couple of days back we decided to give the Blood Princes of Icecrown Citadel a good go, and unfortunately, we just wasn't getting it. Today, all renewed, we gave these guys another good shot, which resulted in fail, fail, epic fail, more fail, boss kill, loot. Wait? Boss kill?! It was as if we wasn't actually going for the kill aswell, was very very obscure, but we actually managed to do it! After which we decided to give Putricide another good go. If I recall, 38% was the best we managed, but all in all, 7/12! Anywhoo, below is a picture of the Belf assholes ;D
I'm going to add a Guild Progress bar aswell, so if you guys want to check that out to see how we are doing, then do as you please!


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