Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Primal Blessing!

Zul'Gurub is mainly farmed for around 4 or so things, which have only a benefit cosmetically. These are the 2 mounts, Raptor and Tiger, a Raptor Pet now, and finally a Polymorph spell for Mages to change Humanoids, Beasts and Critters into a Turtle! All pretty cool great things, but if you look a little deeper into the loot tables and are as obsessed with cool looking gear or gear which has epic potential to be pew pew, then there is a certain set of weapons which can only be found here! Eetio is a bit of an obsessive over gear more than mounts and pets like myself, and due to this, every time we head off to Zul'Gurub, we have to do a specific additional boss aswell in hope that the weapons drop. The first of the two can be found off the same boss which drops the Tiger Mount, so there's no real loss for pet/mount collectors here, but a detour over to the Panther boss allows the second weapon to drop of the set. Now they both have a fairly low drop rate being epics etc, but my god... the Proc is EPIC in it's own rights. Eetio finally got the second weapon merely minutes ago and so far has been testing it out on dummies etc.

Yeh... it turns you into the frikkin 'Tiger Boss'... Happy Gnome is happy! :) I've added a bit of information based on the weapons etc on the image as you can see, as well as information from Wowhead on the Proc. Shiny proc is shinyy... x)

Ah, also 3.3.3 is out tomorrow, so loads of shizzness to take in there! 102nd mount and 120th pet on Zukiji inc! :D


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