Friday, 27 November 2009

Spirit Beasts

Managed to help another Hunter tame a Spirit Beast today! Here's a picture of 'Frenzyfever' a Tauren Hunter who managed to find me actually on this blog page which is pretty awesome! Gratz to him and his new Spirit Beast!

With the Release of 3.3 merely weeks away (I mean, it has to bee soon, right?) I thought I's do a recap of the Spirit Beasts available in game as of recent and the locations of each! Locations I would recommend people to look for the beasts are in Green ;D

The original Spirit Beast, found on the Beta of Wrath of the Lich King is still one of the most sort after Spirit Beasts of the 3 for it's bubblegum blue mouth and sleek looks. This little fellow can be found in Sholozar Basin at the following locations for people who have Co-ordinates with the amount of times I have personally found her in [ ] brackets:
  • 70.9 | 71.7 - [4]
  • 66.6 | 79.1 - [1]
  • 51.4 | 81.6 - [2]
  • 31.3 | 66.5 - [1]
  • 22.1 | 70.2 - [1]
  • 29.2 | 47.3 - [1]
  • 36.7 | 29.3 - [1]
  • 59.3 | 22.5 - [2]
Best way to go about this is keep circling the area. If you have mining or herbalism skill aswell, you can make some pretty sweet gold from this method :D it's a win win situation!

The second Spirit Beast released in patch 3.1, enlightened Hunters across the globe that Blizzard is interested in adding a Spirit Beast per patch! Known for it's 'Spectral Tiger' look, or as the Spectral Tiger Pet, Gondria comes equipped with style and pursuit about it! This ghostly kitty can be found in Zul'Drak at the following locations for people who, again, have Co-ordinates with the amount of times I have personally found him in [ ] brackets:
  • 63.6 | 43.0 - [5]
  • 69.8 | 48.6 - [9]
  • 61.7 | 61.9 - [2]
  • 68.0 | 77.3 - [6]
  • 77.8 | 70.5 - [1]
  • 77.2 | 44.4 - [1]
I have found Gondria quite a few times to say the least, and from what I can tell, mainly on Agamaggan Server, is that it isn't always picked up straight away, or I have a LOT of luck with this guy. The time of day plays a major role in the taming of not only this beast, but every single one, however, I have found at either 00:00 server time -> 04:00 server time it is normally there :D

The most recently available Spirit Beast on Live servers is possibly the most noticeable of the 3, being that instead of it being a kitty, it's a Wolf! This electric blue wolf emanates electricity which can be heard by standing near to it, and with all the other Spirit Beasts, has Prowl so a stealthing, electric blue wolf that looks like it wants to go and kill ANYTHING is pretty much very high on Beast Master Hunter's agenda in terms of taming. So far, I have managed to find this beast in 3 locations, however, a friend of mine may have hinted at a 4th hidden location which will need inspecting furthur upon (as I haven't actually seen him there, so if anyone has found it at the bottom location, please, respond!). This metal beast can be found in Storm Peaks at the following locations for people who, yet again, have Co-ordinates with the amount of times I have personally found him in [ ] brackets:
  • 27.7 | 50.4 - [2]
  • 30.2 | 64.6 - [1]
  • 46.6 | 64.7 - [2]
  • 54.5 | 54.3 - [?]
This guy has alot of beliefs that he shares the spawn of the Time-Lost Proto Drake or Vyragosa, when I can in fact confirm that he definately doesn't. I managed to find Skoll on the PTR 3.2 a few seconds before the Time-Lost Proto Drake flew passed me, same with on live servers, but with Vyragosa and a few more seconds between each other. Same with Gondria, and all other Spirit Beasts to be honest, it's all a matter of being in the right place at the right time as they can be picked up pretty sharpish.

Good luck hunting Spirit Beasts, and roll on 3.3 for Arcturis, the 'Spectral Bear'!

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  1. awesome info, thanks.
    Just got my spirit bear today!! Arcturis. Hes awesome, to say the least!
    found him in grizzly hills, right to the left of amberpine lodge on your map. coords 30,56.
    Just hit 74 on my hunter (am quite new to hunters) and bears are my favorite pets. So, i thought i'd scoop him up to level with to 80.
    Farmed him for a day and a half,(not straight) much shorter than most people have so I guess I got lucky. Snagged him at 5:30 my time which is 4:30 server time, Jan 04 2010. so pumped!

    I am quite new to hunters, so I thought that just dismissing my current bear pet would make me able to tame him :\
    NOT!! ... so i finished the taming channel.. got an error msg " you have too many pets already!" SHIT! lol.. had to abandon my bear then re-cast my taming spell.. the bear missed my freezing trap and almost 4 shot me!! then he happened to run over the trap and i snatched him :) :) was so excited.
    sorry for my babbling, this is my first spirit beast and im very excited.
    Skoll is next.. here I come :)

    Lunah - 74 hunter, Drak'tharon.