Thursday, 19 November 2009

1 Day left!

For those who have participated in my First ever Blogspot Poll, I'd like to thank you for your participation, it has given me a bit more insight as to what I'd change my Mage into if need be. There is still 1 day left of voting, so anyone who visits, do the right thing and vote! :D Nothing is 100% after the poll, it's just a way for me to see how others feel about Mages as a Horde class to date. This is mainly down to Cataclysm, I'. thoroughly looking forward to the Goblin and Orc mages, and depending on the revamp of racials, there's a possibility I could roll Orc :O

Again, thanks to all who voted :D Will post more Polls in the future ;)

Anzu Watch: Still no Raven Lord :(( still, it WILL drop sometime soon! ;D

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