Saturday, 14 November 2009

'Small' update

Haven't made a post for almost a week now... Thought I'd post my thoughts on the PTR up to date finally.

The loot table is finally up and we are seeing some pretty nice stuff from the Icecrown Instances! One can only hope that either our guild gets better soon, or I join a hardcore one for gearing and content before Cataclysm :O But yeh, the loot is up, and so far, the 5 man and the raid seems to be proving very very epic!
The Misdirect change to Hunters still has me baffled. Since they released the 5 man dungeons for testing, I logged on and tried it out, and the amount of threat the tanks received... holy hellfire, I may end up playing my Hunter once more for raiding, since the more recent Druid has taken over and is healing his way up the ranks.
New Spirit Beast - Arcturis: As i excitingly posted early on in this Blog, Arcturis will made an appearance as the first 'Bear' spirit beast. More information below about him, but in short here, omfg... cannot wait for live!
The new LFG system seems pretty intriguing, for people who aren't best geared up, I'd advise them doing normal heroic dungeons with a couple of friends etc before attempting this new method of grouping for dungeons, this is mainly down to the grouping of you with others. How it works is based on something called 'Gear Score'. There's an addon recently become available (as far as I know xD ) on to download, which states what GS you have, and what dungeons/raids your gear should be more than capable of. If you have a low GS, you will be grouped with other people who have low GS, this could be a major problem as under geared groups may struggle to take down specific bosses.
Good bye Carbonite with the new built in Quest tracker by Blizzard! Finally, Blizzard have introduced a quest-tracker for people who struggle to 'find a specific mob' or in particular 'Mankrik's wife'. With lots of features, we will see a vast cut down on general chat asking 'where do I go to kill X' etc. The system has been in the works since PTR 3.1 if I remember rightly so, but there was too many problems at the time and the knowledge wasn't fully there, but finally, it looks like they have cracked it! :D
Mounts and pets... Where do I start... There have been a couple of new mounts announced, most notably the Reins of Invincible which will drop from 'Arthas' on the 10/25 man raid of Icecrown Citadel. Now this could mean, kill him in a specific way so he passes over the reins or kill him a specific way, without the help of Jaina maybe? ;) Whatever the case, a horse with wings and a changeable riding 'stance' depending on location is very welcoming. Another mount which shares the effects of the HH Mount, Invincible and the Broom from Hallows End is the Big Love Rocket... Now this thing is pink, and when I say pink, I don't mean the cool pink which even some dudes find appropriate, I mean the girly girl pink... What really makes it a 'woman's mount' is the engraved love heart on the side. Ahh wells, as with the HH mount, this is going to be a seasonal mount, obtained during 'Love is in the Air' off a seasonal boss in Shadowfang Keep :S (If memory serves). Finally, for people who indulge more on the PvE aspect of WoW, we will finally see people obtaining Frostwyrm mounts, most probably from the heroic achievements in Icecrown Citadel. What stands out with these sons of the scourge is that they are armored... MUCH WANT... :) Onto pets, the Perky Pug, as shown earlier this month on my blog and MMO-Champion will be obtained via the new LFG system and looks pretty awesome! Finally a dog pet in WoW! :D Breanni will also offer her supplies with 2 brand new pets, the Calico Cat and the Albino snake! Will pick these up as soon as the patch hits :D
Fishing, a much loved past time on WoW for Zukiji and an ever growing love for Luxray will introduce a new week event located in Northrend. What this will consist of is being the first person to catch a blacktip shark (known to gather around a specific pool (; ) and give it in to the Kalu'ak dude in Dalaran. Rewards include the much anticipated Heirloom Ring, and a set of fishing boots with an instant way to get to Booty Bay! The ring will offer a furthur 5% bonus exp on top of the x2 10% pieces available at the moment, bringing exp gained from quests and mobs up to 125%.

Ok, I'm aware I've babbled a bit here, but it's pretty exciting stuff so far, and not to mention the 5th Anniversary of WoW with the free Onyxian Whelpling pet!

Zukiji signing off!

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