Friday, 6 November 2009

Armored Frostwyrm

Shiny shiny shiny is all I can say about the new Frostwyrm datamined on MMO-Champion. While looking awesome, and with a pretty high possibility that it could be a PvE mount for those who do the Hard Mode achievements in Icecrown, for me it will prove impossible to obtain, as tbh, I don't have the gear or whatnot to get this, let alone the bloody Rusted and Ironbound Protodrakes which will be removed when 3.3.0 hits no doubts...


Ahh wells! Good news still for me, the Perky Pug model and information how to obtain it have finally be released! Using the new LFG system will allow us to ironically obtain this 'Pug' pet after allowing 100 people join group in total. Anywhoo, here's a screenshot of the little dude yet again from MMO-Champion!

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