Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Glory of the Hero

Tonight has seen Luxray, my Druid, getting more than 1 step closer to his first Proto Drake! Mainly thanks to Eetio, Enoronan, Skellibjalla and Stratocaster (Who's paladin I can't name due to not being able to type his name out xD) who stuck together for a good 3 hours solid of Heroic Achievement Grinding. Each one with it's own story, and each one unmissed, you guys rock! I'd also like to point out that Skellibjalla has got 112 companion pets in game, which, to my knowledge is the most amount on Agamaggan, so extra gratz to her :D !

The most notable achievement gained in my eyes has to be 'Watch Him Die'. My god. For this achievement, we had Strat's Paladin tanking the adds, or the watchers out the boss room towards the entrance while Eetio tanks the main boss, Eno and Skelli DPS it down, and I keep the group up as normal. Sounds simple right? Well infact, it was quite the opposite. The actual fight was very short due to DPS nuking it down as hard as possible, but the beginning, and the sustain that Strat's Pally managed to pull off was incredible! I actually do not know how he managed to stay alive for that amount of time without a decent heal, but he managed to do it, thus, buying us enough time to down the boss. Despite the achievement is called 'Watch Him Die', the Watchers didn't really 'Watch' him die, being that they were actually headed out of the instance! Whatever the case, we got it done, and I really cannot see me doing that one again, like, ever... It's one achievement I'd gladly pass on Zukiji, despite being a bit of an Achievement Whore on him ;)

All of these achievements tonight started mainly because Eetio wanted to do the daily heroic, and being that I'm his brother and tend to help him out in situations like this, I naturally agreed and so off we went to Gun'Drak. The main achievement we aimed to get was 'Less-rabi' which consists of killing the associated boss without him transforming into his Mammoth form, thus failing the achievement and increasing his damage. It all ended up with us getting 'Share the Love', another very annoying achievement to get, but one less for us to worry about!

Anyways, below is a look on my Progress on Glory of the Hero achievement! Still got a few more to go now, but it surely is looking very promising, and soon, my Druid will be packing a Red Proto Drake!

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