Sunday, 15 November 2009

Post before IRL Shutdown

Considering the lack of raiding within our Guild, and a few members leaving for personal reasons, it has been a pretty crazy week mainly for Luxray. The majority of this 'crazy-go-go-go'ness' is all down to Jewelcrafting. I started doing it a couple of weeks back, and really didn't have the willpower to level it, until this week. It has been a bit of a journey for myself, levelling a profession from 1-425 (JC is now at 437 as the picture shows :)) straight at level 80 instead of doing it as I level the char itself (My mage is lvl 61 with around 350 Herb and 345 Alch) though it has been enjoyable, knowing that I can go where ever I want and be safe around 99% of the time. Lots and lots of grinding involved, but nothing too serious!

The grind for the Reins of the Raven Lord continues, though Eetio is beginning to loose hope, as it can be seen in his eyes with every Anzu run. One day though it will finally drop! :D

I'd also like to ask, would it be advisable to go Horde on a Mage, she's a Draenei at the moment, and I have been thinking whether or not to go Horde on her, and if so, what Race?

Zukiji, clocking out for the night.

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