Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Mohawk Grenades INC!

Mr.T is back, and this time, he's here to spread the 'sexyness' that is the Mohawk Grenade!
In a recent advertisement by Blizzard, Mr.T talks about people not 'respecting him enough' etc, and so the Mohawk Grenade was made. What it is, is an in game item you pick up from Night Elf Mohawks outside and major city with 5 uses, it can then be thrown at anybody where their head will be 'replaced' with a Night Elf Mohawk. How the targeting works is much like casting an AoE spell, you select the area you wish to throw it, and BOOM, a Mohawk Explosion in the FACE! ;)

Back to the Anzu Watch. Still no drop as of yet for my bro, but I expect to see one come christmas due to Karma and him being a pretty cool kid, as he helps out as much as he can :)

P.S. The image used is from the Advertisement, although I did edit it slightly.

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