Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Old Server, Renewed Hope

After doing the daily 'chores' so to speak on my Hunter and Druid, I decided to check how the old server I used to play on is doing, what guilds are still going, and what the AH provides after almost a year of leave. Most of the guilds on there, I had never heard of, it's like they have sprouted out of every single corner and done well for themselves in turn. This for me comes down to it being a completely incredible server anyways (With a slight possibility of reverting back). I thought to myself, with the server doing better than it used to, which before it was doing amazing anyways, which pets would they have on the Auction House and how much people are selling them for. The first thing that hit me was the Hyacinth Macaw... Some dude who won't be named for privacy reasons (Hence the editing out of each name) earns many /bows from me. I'd like to know if he kept track of how many pirates he'd killed for it xD. As for the Captured Firefly, still no drop on Agamaggan as of yet, but on the AH on 'My old server'... there's 4 of them, 1 guy has posted 2 of 'em at 1.2k each... Sooo tempted to transfer servers now! In the meantime, need to get ready for University, hectic morning of gathering paperwork etc and I need to finally make a move before we start the weekly work in the Studio.

Gratz to the guy who managed to get this Elusive parrot to drop, and Woot for Raven Lord, still hyper about that! :D

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