Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Lil' K.T. and Pandaren Monk

Finally, information about the Elusive Lil' K.T. and the Panderan monk have became apparent today with the introduction of the Blizzard Pet Store! Good news for Pet collectors alike with the introduction of the Store.

There are two ways to look at the cost of the pets, one is that people disagree with Blizzard making us pay for the pets, however, others look at the situation by stating that they are not actually making us pay for them. The way I look at it is, that Blizzard are giving us an opportunity to purchase 2 exclusive pets for a very cheap and reasonable price considering that most of the out of game pets are from the Trading Card Game and can cost anywhere from £50-£200 each. The costs of the pets at the moment are at £9 / 10 Euros.

Lil' K.T.
Personal favorite of the two, he comes mailed from none other than Kel' Thuzad himself!
When clicked on, Lil' K.T. makes a very eerie, creepy sound!
His idol animation is him floating about, being all Lich-esque, however, I've found that after about 2-3 minutes, much like the Kirin Tor Familiar, he does a special animation where his head floats up and spins 360 degrees! Very creepy!
Lil' K.T. kills critters using a frostbolt which in turn entombs the critter in a block of ice after which, dies and a cackle can be heard from Lil' K.T! EVIL! (Also makes the same Cackling noise when you kill someone via PvP, though I haven't had time to test this out myself :/ )

Pandaren Monk
This pet makes quite a few different noises when clicked on, most notably the one where you hear a gong!
When the Monk is summoned, your character will take a drink from a stein, much like when the Pink Pachederm is summoned.
His idol animations are pretty varied. He either starts to meditate OR the coolest one, starts doing Kung-fu!
The Panderan Monk can be /bow at, which in turn, /bows back at you!

Both pets are Bind on Account, and get mailed to each character you make in the future. The Panderan monk, when purchased between now and December 31st 2009, half of the money made will go to charity, all the more reason to go purchase one! :D

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