Thursday, 31 December 2009

Final Spirit Beast, Sapphiron

Over the past couple of days, Frenzyfever has managed to bag himself 2 of the 4 Spirit Beasts. This is an incredible feat of persistence and determination towards this rare collection, but finally, Frenzyfever has managed to tame Loque'nahak! Arguably the most elusive and hardest one of the 4 to tame, this completing his collection! Congratulations to Frenzyfever! :D Was a good job we stayed up them extra 10 minutes after a sneaky Zul'Gurub run ;)

Sapphiron... We have all bested Naxxramas and lived to tell the tale, however... To celebrate New Years, the guild got together for one last raid of 2009, and being that most people have been out celebrating the festivities, we thought it would be a great idea to try and 5 man a Raid boss... Good idea right? Right! So we went ahead and attempted Anub'rekhan, which ultimately failed. After this, what else could we try, for shits and giggles obviously! Sapphiron... The fight lasted a good 10-15 minutes, no deaths and no frost resistence. It was EPIC! Below is a picture of the members who took part, good job guys!:

As you may have also noticed, Frenzyfever is now Alliance and has joined our Guild! Tis' good news all 'round and great to have you dude! :)


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