Sunday, 27 December 2009

...and a Happy New year!

Has been a pretty epic Christmas personally this year, finally got myself a new Mountain Bike, loads of other cool shit, a Snooker Table and Guess Who:Pokémon Edition. Win! (Yes, I am an adult now, 20 in January, but Pokémon Guess who is too epic for words, trust me!) Aside from the festivities, which, for me have been a quick 'HAI I R CRIMBO, GOODBY!' due to working Boxing Day, today, and scheduled to work tomorrow, it has been a good laugh, and a success :D

Now... World of Warcraft's Winter Veil. Got off to a great start, completed the remaining Achievements on Zukiji for the Violet Proto Drake, then, that same day Finished off Less-Rabi on Luxray, resulting in a Red Proto Drake. After all this was done, I really haven't done anything of major interest other than try and get more of an Insight to the respawn timers of Arcturis, which if I have to say, seem completely randomized at the moment :S So far, since December 15th, I have found Arcturis in the single known location 4 extra times, bringing my total sightings up to 5. Now this is good news if you happen to be:
  1. Online as he's there
  2. Know me and my obsession for this sort of thing
  3. Realize that if you aren't online, I will kill it/ do a /who Grizzly Hills and see if there are any other Hunters around, so make sure you are ;)
The 5th Sighting came across just 15 minutes ago, which is a bit of a bummer as a friend of mine has been trying to get this beast for his Dad's lvl 74 BM Hunter had logged out literally 10 minutes before hand. Although, I actually didn't kill it this time, so I personally have 3 of the Leather Chests still, instead of 4 :) Hopefully his Dad logged on just to quickly check just after I logged ;D
Greatfather Winter... Ok, well 2007 saw people being given a Clockwork Robot pet, which in my eyes is too cool for words, really really want it (I wasn't online in 2007, I started playing mere 2 weeks after the event finished) which fires rockets at each other, and would have bumped my pet collection up to 116 at present. 2008 saw us getting a miniature 'Wowhead Rocket' which was good fun, and still is! But 2009... Thank you Greatfather Winter for a pretty rubbish BB Gun :( Ok, I may sound like an ungrateful little kid, but seriously, I really don't like this years secret gift. It has 200 uses, no Feat of Strength for it as there was one with the previous 2 years presents and the use of it is pretty limited. I was personally hoping for something a little more cool like a Remote Control Helicopter which you can shoot each other down with, much like the Steam Tonk Controllers, and with the whole Mr.T thing going on at the moment, it would seem a little more fitting, but meh, one can dream :)

Anywhoo, has been a pretty cool Christmas overall despite the BB Gun QQ and the lack of stuffs to do, but thankfully my brother introduced me to a game, which at first seems completely pointless, but give it 5 or 10 minutes, and it's the most addicted thing ever... Minecraft! All in all:

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


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