Sunday, 13 December 2009

Fall of the Lich King, Lowdown!

So, I haven't made a post since the day prior to patch 3.3.0, and with good reason too. The new LFG system is actually amazing... I'm addicted to WoW all over again! My previously untouched alts are finally brimming with energy again, using the new LFG system to full advantage. Anywhoo, I'll do a lowdown and talk about what I've been up to recently with 3.3.0.

Yup! I managed to bag this incredible looking Spirit Beast Realm First after waiting all day on patch day for him to spawn, at 23:01, same time Gondria Spawned for me in 3.1, he appeared! So far, there have been a few whispers and questions based on location of this beast and what he is exactly, well yes, he's a Spirit Beast so he can Prowl, plus he knows Spirit Strike (Moonfire for Pets) and comes complete with the PvE spec talent tree. Despite all this, you have to be Beast Master specced in order to tame it, and that's normally a bad thing for people who tend to Raid as it's not exactly the best one to pick at present. eeek!

Since taming this beast, I have seen it once where a level 74 Blood Elf Paladin was killing it, unaware that it's the new shiny beast for Hunters. After I saw this, I quickly made a Horde alt and talked to him about it, he felt kinda bad as about 5 other people have been trying to get it recently (mainly horde) and the drop (which was a melee dps leather chest) isn't useful for him, so he vendored it... Ahh wells, not exactly the end of the world, but still, kinda sucks when this sort of thing happens.

Perky Pug:
Woot! Thanks to the LFG System, after having grouped with 100 different people using the 'Look for Random Heroic Dungeon' option, I managed to bag myself this little dude! Now, Breanni has started to sell an Albino Snake and a Calico Cat, but when will she supply Dog Wormer? When you guys get this, you'll know what I mean ;)

Main problem after I obtained this pet is that I got him on Luxray, so Zukiji is dogless at the moment. Working on it though ;)

Core Hound Pup:
Booyah! Possibly one of the coolest things for me is this molten dude, ensuring my account is safe and sound! But seriously, this is a great way to show that your safe and sound, and that your account, no matter what happens, will always be in the original person's hands.

The Lich King:
Not everyone will be geared enough to be able to encounter this guy themselves in the Citadel, but thankfully, Blizzard has allowed everyone who hit's level 80 to progress through the 3 sections of the Icecrown Dungeons, finally leading to The Lich King himself! I won't unveil anything else, though most people out there have already encountered and bested the event, but it's Epic! The dungeons start to get hard at the beginning of the third one. Lots of ghosts, souls and scary shit in stock along with powerful entities that are within the Lich King's grasp.

As a side note, the Achievement under the Arcturis picture obviously isn't real, but some people have asked me silly things as follows:

[W:from][Random]: Oh hai d00d! I herd yu gut first taim on Arktooriss?!!1onee!!!
[W:to][Random]: Yeh dude! He's pretty cool ain't he! :D
[W:from][Random]: YES link achi plees
[W:to][Random]: Pardon? Which achievement would you be talking about? :D
[W:from][Random]: 4 taimin heem
[W:to][Random]: Ahhh, I get ya, well there isn't an achievement for taming anything Server first, as to be honest, how would a Warrior be able to get this? ;D It would be cool if they implemented it though, as a new set named 'Class Achievements' where you get them based on your class for doing specific things, and only, in our case, Hunters will get spammed with the Achievement of a Server First tame :)
[W:from][Random]: k, i see, i haff to go find this noaw thnk yu 4 the help :O
[W:to][Random]: No problem dude! :)


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