Tuesday, 29 December 2009

"Leaking with Happiness"

A couple of weeks back I posted a picture of a fellow Hunter on Agamaggan named 'Frenzyfever' after he successfully tamed Gondria! Me and him tend to talk with each other about all sorts of things, but Hunter news, mainly Spirit Beasts, are normally top on our list, and after several personal sightings of Arcturis, he informed me that he was also going to go for it! After hours of stress, perseverance and research, thankfully he managed to tame Arcturis last night while actually getting ganked by some dumb alliance. This is pretty impressive news, and I wish all the best for him and his new Spectral Companion! Also, good news for us both is that his character 'Frenzyfever' is scheduled for some heavy plastic surgery, that's right, he's going Alliance! This will really help us get in touch with each other about all sorts of stuffs! Again, major congratulations to him on taming this heavily Elusive beast in it's early introduction to Azeroth!


On a side note, I have been thinking alot recently about the 100 Companion achievement, if it would ever be implemented and if so, what would be the reward? Well after a quick google search, I found this blue post from almost half a year ago!

Pretty interesting news for collectors all around. I'll be sure to post when further news becomes available so stick around.


p.s. The 'Leaking with Happiness' quote is actually from Frenzy himself, though it's origin came about whilst confusing lowbies into getting flagged for PvP! Actual Genious! ;D

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