Thursday, 7 January 2010


Slightly different post today giving a insight to my pet collection on Zukiji. Now, to follow which ones I have etc, I use this website, which you can also find in the links panel to your right named It's a real fun site where you can track pets, talk with other pet collectors and get a bit of help in terms of your pet collection with a simple click. I personally have set up trades in the past with a Horde dude, who was also after some Alliance only pets, namely the Argent Tournament ones. Here's how my collection looks at the moment, and it's a pretty big one in my eyes!

I'd also like to mention that on this website it states that I have the most amount of pets on Agamaggan, there are a few things to consider here.
  1. Skellibjalla actually has more than me, and I want to keep it that way as they are a great friend and pet collector also! :D
  2. Not everyone uses this website to track their pets.
  3. Despite 2, if you were to collect an insane number of pets, you would of heard of this site at some point, and therefore made an account to track it.
  4. Yes, this picture is of my pet collection, but what about the other pets? Like the Collectors Edition for Vanilla and BC? Well you can also exclude these from your list, showing that you do not intend to get these pets (due to costs on e-bay etc)

That's all about pets today, next time I update, I'll try talk about mounts etc! :)


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