Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Patch Day 3.3.0 - Fall of the Lich King

Double post seems necessary just to recap over everything we will be seeing tomorrow, with the main one for me, and many Spirit Beast Hunters alike, Arcturis!

New Instances!
  • Icecrown Citadel: 5 Man Dungeon built up of 3 Wings with an interesting Quest item which starts the Quel'Delar Quest chain.
  • Icecrown Citadel [Raid]: 10/25 Man, Normal and Hard Mode Raid, finally facing us against the Lich King!
New Pets!
  • Albino Snake: Sold by Breanni in Dalaran
  • Calico Cat: Sold by Breanni in Dalaran
  • Perky Pug: Obtained for using the new LFG tool with 100 Pugged people.
  • Raptor Pets: Now Obtained through the Nests which will spawn around the locations of the Corresponding Rares as the Rare mobs no longer drop the Pet.
Built in Quest Tracker!
  • Tracks quests in terms of where the item/mob can be found.
  • Map has been updated to accommodate this change.
  • Quests also show the amount of Experience/Rep that will be obtained at the end of it.
New Fishing Event!
  • Located in Borean Tundra, at the same time and date as the Stranglethorn Vale fishing event.
  • What it requires is catching a Blacktip Shark, which apparently prefer to hang about Pygmy Suckerfish and can be only caught in pools.
  • Rewards include an Heirloom Ring, giving an extra 5% Experience gain for new chars, or a Pair of Fishing Boots which provide a direct port to Booty Bay.
Weekly Raid Quests!
  • Each week, we will be able to pick up the 'Weekly Raid Quest' which takes the position of the original Daily Heroic (As the reward is now obtained from just using the new LFG option)
  • You will be rewarded with around 35gold and 10 Emblems of Frost for killing one of the Raid Bosses selected for you that week.
Ashen Verdict!
  • For those of you guys prepared for Icecrown Raid, there's a new Reputation to go with them, much like with Black Temple and the Ashtongue Deathsworn.
  • Depending on your standing, you will be able to purchase upgradable rings from them. A 200g payment can be made to switch between types of ring (Tanking Ring ---> Healer Ring)
  • Following the tradition of a new Spirit Beast per patch, Arcturis, the Spectral Bear makes his appearence in Grizzly Hills.
  • Lowest level Spirit Beast to date, at level 74.
  • More info on this guy on previous post located >here<.

I've probably missed out a LOT of information, but these are the things for me which kinda stand out. Also the Misdirection change for Hunters is going to be INSANE! Bring on the Extra AoE Tanking aggro! Take care guys, and happy 3.3.0! :D


P.S. New information on the Core Hound Pup! For everyone who has an Authenticator connected to their accounts. Another reason to make sure you pick one of these up to ensure your account is safe. I like to think of it as another pet, which can be bought off the Blizzard Store that acts like your own personal Guard Dog! But yeh, Core Hounds inc! :D

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