Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Frenzy strikes again!

On Tuesday, I posted some great news that Frenzyfever has managed to bag himself Arcturis! Before this, he had Gondria already tamed, so would now only require Skoll and Loque'nahak. Well, good news! As I was surveying the area of Storm Peaks (due to waiting on a bloody Pit of Saron to pop up) macro's at the ready, as always and BOOM! There he was in his electric glory, Skoll, the third Spirit Beast to be implemented, and the first one to not actually have the skin of a Kitty. Frantically spammed %T%T%T%T%T%T%T%T%T%T%T to Frenzyfever's Shaman to find he was AFK! Ahh crap... How else could I get in touch with him? Thankfully, I talk occasionally with his sister 'Nightsabor' who happened to be online at the time, and very much not afk, so she rapidly informed him about the news, and off he flew, directly to my location! :) Here is a picture of the taming in action:

As a side note, but relevant in it's own rights, I'd like to thank Nightsabor again for taking me through Sethekk Halls on Zukiji in an attempt for the Raven Lord, still means a lot to me, and it's what got me to pull my fingers out and make a decent Druid myself. Thank you <3

Happy new year guys!


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