Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Grubthor, yes Grubthor. What the hell is a Grubthor? Well for about 90% of the Population who play WoW who coulden't give 2 craps about a Hunter pet which looks like 'every other one' in game, then Speak to ya later, mainly down to this being a Hunter Post! ;D So, Grubthor, what is it? Well, I've been playing my Druid a HELL of a lot more than my Hunter recently, and that means I've logged my hunter, on average, for about a minute per week due to personal reasons, but while Hunting for the endless scriptures of Twilight Texts down in Silithus (No, I'm not on about Vampires or Werewolves or whatever the hell Twilight the recent film is about) for Cenarion Circle rep, I managed to stumble across this guy, Grubthor, a Rare Worm which is GOLD! Now, I read about this guy a few months back and thought that one day I intend to go out and bag him for myself, just, I have never got around to doing it, and now I'm farming mobs in Silithus for Rep, what better time than now? Off I went, daily scavenge of Text pick ups to hand ins for the 3rd day in a row forgetting completely about Grubthor until I actually ran into him, half asleep, by accident.

Logged Zukiji in an attempt to tame this Golden Benevolent Living Stick of beauty, so off I went. Portal to Sholozar Basin, check. Flying mount at the ready for portal to Un'Goro, check. Off we go! I got to the location, ready to tame it, and record this event as I have wanted this guy for some time now and I actually couldn't find it... until... BOOM! There he is! :D For a couple of seconds, I swore that it had despawned, but thank god, he decided to wait for good ol' Zuk! Very excited about this pet, got a lot in store for it, and I intend to keep it as my main Leveling Pet for Cataclysm!

A link to the original post which influenced me to find this guy can be found below on the link provided.

-Zuk (Gonna finish posts now like this ;) )

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