Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Hacked off.

I warned him, I tried to persuade him but no, stubborn Eetio didn't give in to the whole 'Authenticator = Security' malarky and has officially been hacked. All is good though, he's going to be getting his stuff back and we found out who the hacker was so they should be getting their account permanently banned soon! Plus, finally Eetio's gave in and has adopted his own Core Hound Pup, that's right, he's now officially using an Authenticator (Mine to be precise ;D) Ok, so what the hell do you care? My brother got hacked for some obscure reason, and now he has to pay by waiting a week on his chars gear etc to be replaced, well the same could happen to you guys if you don't adopt an Authenticator today! Think about it, you could have played on that account, worked hard on a few characters for a few years and what is £6 to ensuring your account is safe? Exactly :D and you get a awesome little Core Hound Pup to go with it!

There are a few places to get your own personal Authenticator, the main one is the Blizzard Store located in the link >here<. If however you use a iPhone (and possibly an iPod Touch) you can download a free version of the Authenticator which will also come with the Core Hound Pup! It's a win win situation!

On a side note, Eetio has asked me to premote his new Jewelcrafting business in an attempt to try and make back his 17k gold within a few days, and so far, it's looking pretty good! Here's the low down:
  • Location: Dalaran South Bank
  • Realm: Agamaggan EU
  • Name: Eetio's 1337 Cutz
  • Time: Whenever he's alive (23 hours a day)


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